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The Visiting Nurse Association of Pottawattamie County was awarded a $56,660 grant from Promise Partners to fund Project WIN — Welcoming Infants into Neighborhoods — an early childhood home visitation program that provides nursing and parent coaching to teen and adult parents of children 0-5 who are at-risk of poor health and development outcomes.

Support is critical for parents during the transition that follows the arrival of a new baby, especially for families facing the additional hurdles of being young, single or low income.

Voluntary early childhood home visitation programs like VNA’s Project WIN match parents with trained professionals to provide information and support during pregnancy and throughout their child’s early years. By helping parents learn how to care for their children and themselves, families reap the benefits: children are safer, healthier, better prepared to learn, and more likely to become successful adults, according to the U.S. Administration for Children and Youth and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Early childhood programs are beneficial for the community and economy as well. Fifteen years after participation in a nurse home visitation program, families showed an 83 percent increase in employment by their child’s fourth birthday, a 20 percent reduction in welfare use and a 46 percent increase in the father’s presence in the household.

Project WIN seeks to:

• Improve child health and promote meeting developmental milestones

• Reduce and prevent child abuse, neglect and injuries

• Improve prenatal and interconceptual health of mothers

• Increase family involvement and support

• Promote child school readiness

• Promote family economic self-sufficiency

VNA Project WIN maintains its Iowa Family Support Credential, first received from the State of Iowa in December 2015. The program uses the research-informed Growing Great KidsTM curriculum, shown to make a positive impact on parent-child interactions.

Promise Partners works to mobilize all of Pottawattamie County and empower a caring community that promises the well-being of every child. VNA has received funding from the organization since 2012.

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