Tom Hanafan River's Edge Park

Flood waters from the Missouri River continue to infiltrate Tom Hanafan River's Edge Park on Friday, March 15, 2019.

The city of Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County and the city of Crescent issued a new disaster declaration early Friday evening for the continuing and renewed flooding along the Missouri River.

Additionally, a request was submitted to the Governor to reactivate the Iowa Individual Assistance Program for residents impacted by events occurring on and after May 17th.

Currently the Missouri River level is at 30.12 feet and is expected to crest on Monday, June 3, at 31.3 feet. The National Weather Service projects the river to maintain that level until Wednesday, June 5, before beginning to recede.

The City of Council Bluffs Building Division recommends that anyone using a sump pump to drain basements in the west end of Council Bluffs closely monitor the discharge. If sand or sentiments are found in the water, discontinue use of the sump pump.

The discharge of sand indicates the structural fill under the house is being pumped out. This will compromise the structural integrity of the foundation. It is better to let the basement flood than risk the foundation collapsing.

Residents and businesses are asked to report any damages sustained due to flooding. To report your damages and provide photos, go to

Current closings include:

• Tom Hanafan River’s Edge Park is temporarily closed.

• River’s Edge Service Road, the road between Harrah’s parking lot and Tom Hanafan River’s Edge Park, is temporarily closed.

• A portion of the Council Bluffs Trail System, from Harrah’s parking garage to Western Historic Trails Museum, as well as from 24th Street to the Indian Creek Trail is temporarily closed.

• Big Lake Road is temporarily closed.

• Gifford Road is temporarily closed.

• City flood and drainage gates are closed, and storm water pumps are operational.

• Pottawattamie County has closed several roads. Map of closures can be found at:

• Additionally, the Iowa DOT has closed I-29 north and south of Council Bluffs.

Problems with the Council Bluffs levees are not expected. The levees are in good shape and are expected to perform as they should.

River’s Edge Pavilion and Plaza, the trail system along the levee, and the Council Bluffs entrance to the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge remain open.

City and County officials are monitoring the situation and will send updates as needed.

This is an evolving situation, residents are encouraged to use best judgment and stay safe. Don’t drive through standing water. If you feel it’s necessary to evacuate your home, don’t wait until it’s too late.

Flood waters, rivers, creeks, and tributaries can be contaminated and pose various health risks. Do not enter flood water or allow children to play in flood water.

To receive emergency weather warnings and community alerts such as evacuations, shelter locations, and other emergency notices, sign up for free alerts from Pottawattamie Alert, part of the Alert Iowa Network, at

For more updates, follow the city on Facebook and Twitter: @CityofCB and Emergency Management @PottCoEMA.

— Jon Leu

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