Chief Council Bluffs Building Official Steve Carmichael

Steve Carmichael, chief building official for the city of Council Bluffs, has pleaded guilty to a charge of harassment and paid a court-imposed $100 fine.

Carmichael was cited for harassment Oct. 2 following an investigation by the Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s office.

According to an affidavit filed by Investigator Dan Temeyer of the Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s office, on Sept. 10, a female private contractor reported to the sheriff’s office that she had received three text messages from Carmichael that “had her concerned.”

In one message, Carmichael allegedly referred to her as “dear” and later messaged they were “running out of mistletoe time.”

On Aug. 19, the affidavit stated, she reportedly received another message in which Carmichael stated that he was cleaning out his closet and wanted to know if she wanted a sweatshirt. (Carmichael) then included a picture of a white male standing in front of several mirrors, holding a sweatshirt.

“In the reflection in the mirror, said male party was seen naked, his penis clearly visible. The message showed the picture was forwarded by Steve Carmichael’s Facebook account,” the affidavit stated.

Temeyer, in his affidavit, said the woman advised she wished to file charges and that the relationship with Carmichael was strictly a business one as they had only met in person approximately four times.

The investigator wrote that the woman was “alarmed and annoyed” by the messages, which she felt were inappropriate to their business relationship.

Temeyer noted in his affidavit that he contacted Carmichael by phone who acknowledged a business-type relationship with the woman but stated he did not know if he sent the messages.

Based on the information outlined in the affidavit, Carmichael was cited for third-degree harassment, a simple misdemeanor.

In addition to the $100 fine imposed by the court, the court ordered Carmichael to abide by a five-year no-contact order with the woman.

Council Bluffs Mayor Matt Walsh said he could not comment on the case because it is personnel-related.

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