From left, Iowa Western Community College Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations Don Kohler, President Dan Kinney, head baseball coach Marc Rardin, assistant baseball coach Tyler Herbst and Facilities Director Brian Sutter check out the practice turf inside the Dr. John W. and Jean Marshall Wellness Center on July 16, 2019. Kinney plans to retire on Aug. 31, the college announced Monday. However, he is willing to stay longer, if needed, he said.

The number of new structures at Iowa Western Community College built during Dan Kinney’s presidency is staggering.

Here is a list of facilities constructed:

Stuart Hall, 1999; Lewis Hall and Kanesville Arena, 2000; Arts Center, 2001; Aviation Center, 2003; Page-Fremont Center in Shenandoah, Cass County Center in Atlantic, 2005; Reiver Suites Phase I, 2006; Reiver Suites Phase II, Reiver Suites Phase III, 2008; Shelby County Center College Park construction in Harlan, Reiver Suites Phase IV, new student center, 2009; Reiver Suites II Phase I, establishment of Nursing Center of Excellence, 2011; Reiver Suites II Phase II, 2012; Kinney Hall, Reiver Tower, 2015; establishment of industrial lab in Clarinda, 2016 (renamed Fred Lisle Center for Advanced Manufacturing in 2018); Reiver Athletic Performance Center, 2017; Dr. John and Jean Marshall Wellness Center, 2019; plus storage and maintenance buildings.

There have also been numerous additions, renovations and remodels, including the following:

Looft Hall addition, Clarinda Center renovation, 1998; Dodge Hall addition, 2002; Dodge Hall addition, 2006; addition to Kanesville, renovation of Page-Fremont County Center, 2008; remodel of administrative offices, 2011; Arts Center addition, biology labs in Clark Hall, student welcome center, 2012; Shelby County renovation for STEM Lab, Ashley Hall renovation, 2015; renovation of Lewis and Hoover halls, 2017.

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