The Dr. John and Jean Marshall Wellness Center at Iowa Western Community College will be completed in time for students to use the facility before the new school year begins.

To celebrate, about 100 people — including the namesake donors, some IWCC staff and other community members — had a private unveiling of the building Friday evening.

Donor and IWCC Foundation board member Donna Barry attended the event and saw the inside of the building for the first time. She said the building makes the community college more attractive to potential students.

“It’s gorgeous, just gorgeous. They couldn’t have planned it any better,” she said. “We’re going to be competing with University of Iowa, University of Nebraska and Iowa State and it will be hard for kids to make the decision.”

The majority of the building is completed, however some last details such as paint touch ups are in the final stages.

“We’re expecting that next week the city will come out and we’ll have a full certificate of occupancy which means the students can start using the building,” said IWCC president Dan Kinney.

Once the certificate of occupancy is received, Kinney said the building will likely be open to students and students will be notified that it is open for use.

The Marshalls both saw the building during construction, and then saw the mostly finished result during the unveiling.

“To have such a tremendous opportunity to present this building is an incredible honor,” Jean Marshall said.

Speakers at the unveiling included Kinney, IWCC Trustees president Brent Siegrist and Dr. John Marshall.

“This will impact the lives of thousands of students for the next 40 years at least,” Siegrist said.

After the speeches, everyone was allowed to tour the new facility.

The facility features two full courts with eight basketball hoops; field turf (regulation size) and batting cages; aerobic space; and cardio and strength training equipment.

A public opening will be announced later.

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