New measures added to a state education report offer a deeper look at discipline, postsecondary readiness and progress toward state and federal goals at Iowa’s public schools.

The Iowa School Performance Profiles, an online tool showing how public schools performed on required measures, was introduced in December to meet federal and state requirements. It was expanded in May to include additional metrics.

Vickie Murillo, superintendent of Council Bluffs Community School District, welcomed the addition of new areas.

“By reviewing many different measures, our community has the opportunity to see the progress our schools are making,” she said. “While no single data point can tell the story of the impact our teachers have on our students, these measures help us align our district goals to ensure continuous improvement.”

Most of the data is from the 2017-18 school year, while other years are indicated for some.

Progress on state goals includes student performance and interim progress toward meeting state long-term goals for academic achievement, graduation rates and English language proficiency set forth in the state’s plan.

Progress on state goals (selected grades)

Reading — third grade:

CB All: 62.77%; next target 77%; long-term goal 78.5%

LC All: 73.68%; next target 77%; long-term goal 78.5%

CB African American: 45%; next target 51%; long-term goal 54%

LC African American: N.A.

CB Hispanic: 52.53%; target 62.9%; goal 65.9%

LC Hispanic: 56.25%; target 62.9%; goal 65.9%

CB Multiracial: 56.52%; target 72.4%; goal 75.4%

LC Multiracial: 69.23; target 72.4%; goal 75.4%

CB White: 65.98%; target 81.6%; goal 83.1%

LC White: 75.51%; target 81.6%; goal 83.1%

Mathematics — third grade:

CB All: 66.08%; target 79.7%; goal 81.2%

LC All: 67.11%; target 79.7%; goal 81.2%

CB African American: 55%; target 51.4%; goal 54.4%

LC African American: N.A.

CB Hispanic: 52.48%; target 68.5%; goal 71.5%

LC Hispanic: 31.25%; target 68.5%; goal 71.5%

CB Multiracial: 56.52%; target 73.8%; goal 76.8%

LC Multiracial: 61.54%; target 73.8%; goal 76.8%

CB White: 69.74%; target 84.2%; goal 85.7%

LC White: 70.92%; target 84.2%; goal 85.7%

Reading — 11th grade

CB All: 60.73%; target 78.9%; goal 80.4%

LC All: 83.81%; target 78.9%; goal 80.4%

CB African American 64.29%; target 50.6%; goal 53.6%

LC African American: N.A.

CB Hispanic: 56.25%; target 64%; goal 67%

LC Hispanic: 66.67%; target 64%; goal 67%

CB Multiracial: 44.44%; target 83.9%; goal 86.9%

LC Multiracial: N.A.

CB White: 61.75%; target 82.9%; goal 84.4%

LC White: 84.49%; target 82.9%; goal 84.4%

Mathematics — 11th grade:

CB All: 65.07%; target 82.7%; goal 84.2%

LC All: 83.81%; target 78.9%; goal 80.4%

CB African American: 84.62%; target 54.9%; goal 57.9%

LC African American: N.A.

CB Hispanic: 51.85%; target 69.6%; goal 72.6%

LC Hispanic: 75%; target 69.6%; goal 72.6%

CB Multiracial: 66.67%; target 76.2%; goal 79.2%

LC Multiracial: N.A.

CB White: 66.92%; target 86.3%; goal 87.8%

LC White: 85.56%; target 86.3%; goal 87.8%

The postsecondary readiness category includes a variety of measures.

At Lewis Central High School, 31.55% of the students enrolled in advanced placement classes – more than the 26.1% at Council Bluffs high schools and beyond the state average of 28.44%.

In addition, 73.3% of Lewis Central students took classes that offered concurrent credit — both high school and college. That was more than Council Bluffs’ 67.05% and topped the state average of 70.77%.

Lewis Central had a dramatically higher percentage of students who took the ACT college entrance exam – 75.73%, compared to 47.24% for Council Bluffs and the state average of 62.84%.

Council Bluffs’ greater emphasis on career-technical education showed up in the report, too. The district had 35.62% of its students who took CTE classes, compared to 16.5% for Lewis Central and the state average of 30.87%.

“Our strength in CTE program completion and strong student participation in advanced courses underscores our commitment to ensuring that Council Bluffs students are future ready,” Murillo said. “This will continue to be a priority with our TradeWorks Academy and partnerships with Iowa Western.”

Chronic absenteeism is the percent of students missing 10% or more of the school days in a schoolyear for any reason, excused or unexcused. Council Bluffs has a chronic absenteeism rate of 13.6% for all students, which exceeds the state average of 10.9% and Lewis Central’s rate of 7.6%. The rate for girls is 13.8% for Council Bluffs, 11.3% statewide and 7.2% for Lewis Central. Boys have a chronic absenteeism rate of 13.3% in Council Bluffs, 10.5% statewide and 7.9% in Lewis Central.

Chronic absenteeism is an area of concern, Murillo said.

“Because we know the connection between regular school attendance and student success, we will continue to monitor daily attendance and dedicate resources to assist our students and families who need additional support,” she said. “The performance profile does not include the layers of support we have in place to address chronic absenteeism.”

Suspension/expulsion data is given in raw numbers, not percentages, so comparisons are difficult. The report shows that Council Bluffs Community School District had 2,374 suspensions and expulsions during the 2016-17 school-year. That’s more than the smaller Lewis Central Community School District’s 434 but far fewer than the 3,100 recorded by Waterloo Community School District, which is slightly larger than the Council Bluffs district.

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