It’s Torti Day. Did you know that all Tortoiseshell cats are female? That’s a fact. Today, SOLAS is highlighting three of our 2017 Tortoiseshell girls.

First is Giselle who was born in July. She will require a lot of patience, routine and a quiet home with adults only. Giselle will be very defensive if she feels trapped or scared. She also may try to run, but she could also possibly resort to her defensive “tools” if she feels that its necessary. Giselle is not aggressive or moody but she’s also retained her wild and feral edge. Please remember- when Giselle feels safe she’s pleasant and content.

Chloe was surrendered to SOLAS because her human family had to move to a smaller home. This change created a conflict and turmoil with the resident family dogs. When she came to SOLAS, she seemed under duress. She’s just now becoming more safe and secure. Chloe is an 11-year-old senior who has an old injury. She has a rod and pins in her left hind leg. Unfortunately, nine years ago, a large Great Dane sat on her leg and broke it. She is very vocal and sometimes sounds scarier than she really is. When you pick her up and hold her, she absolutely loves it. Chloe will press into you & doesn’t want to be put down. She really craves comforting and affection.

Suzi is a petite Torti who would rather be on the sidelines instead of the main stage. Suzi turned a year old last December. She spent the first two months of her life fending for herself outside. Because of this, she had a late start getting to know the friendly people. Just like human babies, their minds are like sponges, and even though they don’t have a memory of that time — the impressions made were permanent. For Suzi, it was her lack of human interaction that keeps her waiting and also leary to trust people. Like most shy cats, she gets along great with other animals.

SOLAS volunteers will be at Petco on 72nd and Dodge today from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. with cats and kittens available for adoption.

We also have cats and kittens available for adoption during normal business hours at Petco.

SOLAS cats and kittens are also available for adoption at PetSmart in Council Bluffs during normal business hours.

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