Cobalt Credit Union hosted a free “shred” day and food drive Saturday at Super Saver, 1141 N. Broadway, to help protect participant’s identities and collect food for Food Bank of the Heartland in Omaha.

Shredding Solutions and Cobalt Credit Union worked together in the past for the annual shredding event, however this is the first year the canned food drive was held in conjunction with the event.

“People will bring paperwork and other documents (to shred) to protect their identities,” said Terry Zitkovich, Cobalt Credit Union’s east region vice president of operations. “This year we’re pushing a campaign of ‘There’s only one you.’”

According to Zitkovich, “There’s only one you,” relates to shredding as everyone having an identity and shredding can help keep that identity from being stolen.

Mike Palmer, owner of Shredding Solutions, said the number of people at the event increases each year it is held.

“We try to come out here and help the community,” Palmer said. “It is such an important thing to shred your documents because a little piece of paper with a bit of information on it can lead to a world of trouble.”

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Cobalt Credit Union is also competing in “Strike Out Hunger,” where companies from the Council Bluffs-Omaha area are competing to collect food for the Food Bank of the Heartland.

These events were held simultaneously to gather food for any victims of the recent flooding.

“We realized we needed to do more outside of what we’ve normally been doing, and there’s more of a need for food right now for those in hard times,” Zitkovich said.

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