A cursory search for various types of reading material geared for those who love animals did not turn up empty handed. I searched online for the most popular magazines, journals, blogs, etc., and discovered at least 60 different types of pieces sure to please all the pet people out there.

From cats and dogs, to horses and small animals, and yes, those intended for those of the reptile persuasion — it can all be found. And, many times, for a very reasonable subscription fee to get an entire year of feel-good stories and tips on food, toys and exercise delivered to your mailbox or your desktop.

By far, the most common pet magazine I found is dog related. Information on specific breeds, tips for sporting dogs, the habits of small dogs and health suggestions unique to large breeds are among the most basic of magazine covers. Specific magazines, like Dogster and Modern Dog were found near the top of most search engines.

While there are cat magazines, there isn’t the menagerie found as with dogs. It stands to reason; most cats share more things in common, so the need for specificity isn’t warranted. Catster, formerly known as Cat Fancy and Modern Cat, seem to be good choices. Don’t fear, if you love horses, you will find suitable reading material on them. From Equine Wellness to Horse and Rider, the reader can see beautiful images of these magnificent creatures.

Birds are covered, too; from the exotic kind, to your basic songbirds of North America. These stories are fun and are usually sprinkled in with home-spun tales that make your heart feel good. Think of images scattered across the pages of quaint barns painted in red, a campfire burning into the wee hours of the morning, kids on a hammock and an old truck pulled into the gravel drive. Maybe you like all animals, including hamsters and chickens. You could settle on a magazine that is all-inclusive, such as Animal Tales or Best Friends. Reptiles might be a different story all together. I like snakes, but I know not everyone does. Have no fear, there are magazines, blogs and trade shows for this fan base in mind and tips and tricks can be shared for the betterment of these creatures.

If you need another example that people really love pets and animals in need, Omaha Gives! is a great local testament. For those not familiar, this past Wednesday saw the community come together for Omaha Gives! Almost $6.8 million dollars was raised for 961 organizations, with over 48,000 donors taking part. Of all the charitable options, were 56 animal non-profits vying for donations to help them with their important missions of saving lives and helping people at the same time. Thanks to everyone who donated to MHS during this community-wide fundraising event.

MHS Pets of the Week, brought to you by the Cimino Family: Chyna is a young, shy girl. This 1-year-old is currently living in a cat colony but would do perfectly well in a home all by herself, as we think she would really enjoy life as an only cat. She has beautiful dark orange and gray tortoiseshell markings.

Frisky is a 2-year-old orange tabby cat, who came to us after his owner was evicted earlier this May. This young male will keep you hopping.

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Sadie is such a pretty girl. This Lab/Pyrenees mix is about 2 years old. While she seems to like all the people she meets, she can be dog selective and protective of her food and toys. Sudden movements can startle her, so young children will need to come meet prior to adoption.

Willow is a Redbone Coonhound that is about 2 years old. This gal has an abundance of energy and she wants to play all day long! She would most likely do well with another playful dog. She will need daily exercise to keep her brain and body in tip top shape. She also is talkative, so apartment life probably isn’t the best fit.

Come visit these and all their great friends today from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Monday to Friday 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. Remember we always have great cats and small animals available at PetSmart in Council Bluffs to check out.

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