Dr. Huy Trinh signs papers in the Miller Orthopedic Specialist practice on 1 Edmundson Plaza.

Miller Orthopedic Specialists said its “goodbyes” to 24-year spine specialist Huy Trinh late spring after he decided to retire early and take care of his wife.

Trinh received his medical degree from Montreal University in 1983 where he also did an internship and residency with Edward Samson Orthopaedic Program. He then completed a fellowship in adult trauma and reconstructive spinal surgery at Sarce-Coeur Hospital in Montreal.

Trinh moved to Council Bluffs and joined Miller Orthopedic Specialists in 1995 (Miller Orthopaedic Affiliates at the time) as the only spine specialist. Since then, Trinh has since served the Council Bluffs area, Montgomery County Hospital in Red Oak and Myrtue Medical Center in Harlan, enjoying the practice and the people of southwest Iowa, he said.

“People in Council Bluffs and southwest Iowa, patients from Nebraska, too, most people are nice and understanding, helpful. We get along so well,” Trinh said. “I’ll be missing my coworkers and patients.”

Trinh and his wife raised three children — now adults — in their Council Bluffs home.

Although not following after his medical footsteps, the Trinh’s children are now 32, 31 and 24. The youngest is enrolled in medical in Iowa, “considering a similar path, but it’s too early to decide,” Trinh said.

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Trinh said Council Bluffs is his second home to Montreal, where he still has family and friends.

He said he has no immediate retirement plans, but would like to travel to Florida and Montreal to see family and friends.

Retiring early was his decision to take care of his wife, who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease prematurely, he said.

“We did have caregivers for my wife during the day, but it takes a lot of time and attention, so I thought it was time for me to stop working and focus on her.”

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