65 days.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, made a stop to Council Bluffs Saturday for their “No Malarkey” tour, emphasizing that there are 65 days left until the 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses.

The rally was held in the parking lot across from Buck Snort on 25 Scott St., where many Biden supporters braved the cool, windy weather to attend.

“How was Thanksgiving, good? It was great for the Bidens,” Jill said as they greeted the crowd.

Jill spoke on the importance of the Iowa caucus and what a Joe Biden presidency could mean in the United States.

She said his presidency would mean universal prekindergarten, teacher raises and investment into green technology, including wind energy.

The United States wouldn’t be on the brink of an “ill-advised war,” she said.

Biden’s presidency plans to have an Affordable Care Act with a public option, bring down drug prices and fight the NRA “to keep schools and children safe,” she said.

Jill asked the crowd to imagine the year 2021. She said headlines wouldn’t be about a tweet and children would be “called in” to hear the president speak.

“It starts with you, it starts with Iowa,” she said.

“Sixty five days means there is no more time for indecision, so if you’re on the fence — the one or two of you that are out there — I want you to come talk to me,” Jill said. “Give me your questions and let me tell you why Joe Biden would be the best president ever.”

Joe Biden stepped to the microphone to a cheering crowd after his wife’s speech.

“I gotta tell you, it’s worth the trip just to hear her,” Joe said.

Joe continued with talk about lowering emissions, shaping the values of the country, strengthening the middle class, and making farmers and ranchers more of a priority.

The Bidens’ “No Malarkey” tour is expected to reach 18 counties and 660 miles in Iowa, including rural areas in the state, he said.

“It’s aptly named ‘No Malarkey’ because (President Donald Trump) is all lies. I wanted to make sure there’s a contrast in what we were talking about there,” Joe said.

“Folks, we can overcome four years of Donald Trump, with a whole lot of hard work and a lot of help from all of you, but eight years of Donald Trump would literally begin to change the character of this nation. We cannot let that happen.”

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