Larry Moore votes at Epworth United Methodist Church on Tuesday.

Keebie Kessler won Tuesday’s Carter Lake City Council election with a little more than 27% of the vote.

Kessler received 269 votes — good for 27% — to win election to the council, according to unofficial results from the Pottawattamie County Auditor’s Office. He’ll be joined by write-in candidate Denise Teeple, who received 279 votes (20%) and Councilman Pat Paterson, who was elected to a second term with 262 votes (19%).

Nathaniel Bradburn finished fourth with 256 votes (18%). Write-in candidate Dave Huey finished fifth with 165 votes (12%).

Here’s a look at results from contested races and other races of note from Pottawattamie County, with all based on unofficial totals from the Auditor’s Offices.

Treynor has a new mayor, with Allen Hadfield receiving 191 votes (89.67%) running unopposed. Matt Saar (212 votes, 53.13%) and Justus Brammer (173 votes, 43.36%) earned Treynor City Council seats running for two available spots.

Crescent Mayor Brian Shea was re-elected running unopposed, while incumbent Jack Powers and challenger Michelle Hargens — each with 78 votes (29.32%) — were elected to the City Council there, along with incumbent Charles Hildreth, who received 63 votes (23.68%).

Randal Adams finished fourth (45 votes, 16.92%).

In Avoca, Mayor Aaron Long won re-election with 254 votes (93.04%) running unopposed.

Matthew Gramkow will join the Avoca City Council after receiving 197 votes (36.08%), while incumbent Fred Miller III retained his seat with 179 votes (32.78%).

Lori Hansen finished third with 168 votes (30.77%).

In a separate race to fill a vacancy on the Avoca Council, Charles Stolz won with 157 votes (55.87%), defeating Steve Kerr (123 votes, 43.77%).

Neola has a new mayor, as Karla Pogge received 173 votes (60.28%) to defeat incumbent Dawn Goodsell (111 votes for 38.68%).

The Neola City Council will have three new faces, with Lori Eckrich (203 votes, 25.41%), Ty Ungrad (166 votes, 20.78%) and Richard Schuning (138 votes, 17.27%) taking the top three spots in the election.

Ty Ungrad finished fourth with 166 votes (20.78%), while incumbent Joe Munch lost his seat (132 votes, 16.52%). Jonathan McDonald (92 votes, 11.51%) and Jason Zaborowski (63 votes, 7.88%) rounded out the voting.

In Oakland, incumbents Betsy Moniz (183 votes, 29.23%) and Jeremy Perkins (147 votes, 23.48%) retained their seats on the council.

Kelly Towne (120 votes, 19.17%), Coralee Bernard (89 votes, 14.22%) and Tina Drahota (84 votes, 13.42%) rounded out the voting.

And in a race to fill a vacancy on the council, Doug Reed (194 votes, 57.91%) defeated Courtney Turner (141 votes, 42.09%).

Underwood has three new City Council members — Josh Madsen (134 votes, 31.98%), Ashleigh Robinson (98 votes, 23.39%) and Robert Dose (94 votes, 22.43%).

Royce Forbush finished in fourth with 88 votes (21%).

In Walnut, newcomers Cheyenne Mertz (95 votes, 30.06%) and Erich Cochran (92 votes, 29.11%) won seats on the City Council.

Incumbent Justen Cooley finished third (64 votes, 20.25%) and LaVonne Wood finished fourth (62 votes, 19.62%).

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