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An already purposeful western Iowa nonprofit is becoming more purposeful.

Crossroads of Western Iowa acquired two counseling service providers in Idaho, a partnership that would help the organization collectively serve more clients in diverse ways, according to a release by the nonprofit.

The programs, Recovery 4 Life and A New Path, align with Crossroads’ mission supporting adults the community who are unable to live completely on their own. Recovery 4 Life offers substance abuse counseling to individuals and families. A New Path works with people who have struggled with domestic violence and anger management, offering moral reconation therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, parenting groups and adolescent groups.

The acquisition of the two programs offers expanded resources and a larger number of staff. Crossroads of Western Iowa is now a team of more than 400 staff members that reach nearly 2,000 individuals per year, according to the release.

“Recovery 4 Life and A New Path will operate as wholly-owned subsidiaries of Crossroads of Western Iowa. They are doing great work to empower those struggling with substance abuse and domestic violence; joining with Crossroads gives them the opportunity to expand further and offer their holistic approach to healing to even more individuals,” said Maggie Beaman, external communications coordinator for Crossroads.

Beaman said although the three programs are in separate parts of the United States, it is the Crossroads’ long-term goal to expand all offerings to the communities they serve (western Iowa, and Boise and Caldwell, Idaho).

For more than 40 years, Crossroads has provided residential options, programming and employment opportunities for clients to reach their full potential at home, work and in their communities.

Clients of the nonprofit may have developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and chronic mental illness or brain injuries.

“Individuals struggling with substance abuse are vastly underserved here in Iowa and we look forward to bringing Recovery 4 Life’s successful counseling services here,” Beaman said. “Similarly, we are eager to offer our employment, residential and day habilitation services to people in Idaho who are dealing with disabilities and who could benefit from our vital support services.”

Beaman added a timeline is being discussed for those undertakings, but has not been formalized.

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