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Glenwood’s trail system project is receiving a financial boost from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources through its Resource Enhancement and Protection fund known as REAP.

Officials of the Metropolitan Area Planning Agency announced Friday that REAP awarded Glenwood a $100,000 grant to help support the project.

REAP invests in projects that enhance and protect Iowa’s natural and cultural resources.

Fifteen percent of REAP is set aside for grants to cities and 20% is set aside for county conservation boards for projects that help establish natural areas, encourage outdoor recreation and resource management.

The grant money will assist with the overall construction cost of the project, which includes building three miles of paved trails through Glenwood that would be used as a pedestrian and cycling trail. Four bridges will be constructed as a result of the trail system.

The long-term goal is to build out the trails to eventually connect them to the Wabash Trace Nature Trail that runs through southwest Iowa.

In its 30 years, every county in Iowa has benefited from REAP, which has supported more than 16,000 projects.

REAP has funded these projects with nearly $300 million in state investments, leveraging two to three times the amount in private, local and federal dollars.

Collectively, these projects have improved the quality of life for all Iowans with better soil and water quality; added outdoor recreation opportunities; sustained economic development; enhanced knowledge and understanding of ecological and environmental assets, and preservation of Iowa’s cultural and historic treasures.

REAP has benefitted southwest Iowa greatly in the past 30 years by funding 101 projects in Mills County for allocations totaling $1,605,039 and 170 projects in Pottawattamie County for total allocations of $7,592,263.

MAPA Community and Economic Development staff completed the application for REAP funding and submitted it on behalf of the City of Glenwood and the Mills County Trails Board.

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