A Council Bluffs woman fighting to overcome a drug addiction wrote Goodfellows seeking help in getting her children something for Christmas.

“I am a single mother of five children, two boys and three girls,” the woman wrote. “I recently completed an inpatient drug treatment program and I’m still currently in an outpatient program that limits my time to work.

“I just want to be ale to give my children a good Xmas since this has been a challenging year for all of us,” she wrote. “I am seven months clean and sober and wish to help others struggling with addiction so they also can have better lives.”

For the past 71 years, Goodfellows has provided Christmas food and gift certificates to thousands of southwest Iowa families.

Although there are a number of larger donations to Goodfellows each year from individuals, organizations and businesses, those ranging from $1 to $10 continue to provide a majority of the funds used by Goodfellows to accomplish its mission.

Through your donations and a grant provided by the Iowa West Foundation, Goodfellows is able to give families in need certificates that are redeemable for food or toys at participating stores.

Goodfellows provides assistance to families in need in response to completed applications, which are available at The Daily Nonpareil office from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Application forms can also be downloaded from The Daily Nonpareil’s website at nonpareilonline.com. The application link can be found on the right side near the business stories, or go online to the Nonpareil website. No requests for assistance are taken by telephone.

Applications are screened to avoid duplication of services provided by other agencies.

The deadline for submission of applications for assistance is today.

Donations for Goodfellows can be mailed to The Daily Nonpareil, 300 W. Broadway, Suite 108, Council Bluffs, IA 51503. Donations can also be dropped off at The Daily Nonpareil office between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.


The Hanny Family, $50

Brian and Diane Hunter, $25

Thomas and Marilyn Kelly, $100

Rita Kurth, $30

2019 Goodfellows Donation Goal: $40,500

Donations received to date: $560

Today’s donations: $205

Total amount raised to date: $765

Iowa West Grant earned so far: $512.55

Remaining Iowa West Grant to be earned: $24,487.45

Needed to obtain Iowa West grant: $39,735

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