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Among other things on Tuesday, Lewis Central Community School District voters approved a new Revenue Purpose Statement.

The measure, which spells out permissible uses for revenue from the one-cent Secure an Advanced Vision for Education tax, passed by a vote of 1,044 to 286, far surpassing the simple majority required, according to the Iowa Secretary of State’s website.

School board members Amie Adkins and Brian Stoufer, who were both re-elected Tuesday along with incumbent Daryl Weilage, were happy with the support the statement received.

“I’m really excited that the Revenue Purpose Statement passed with flying colors,” Adkins said Tuesday night. “That means that they believe in what we’re doing in the district.”

Said Stoufer, “I was very pleased that the Revenue Purpose Statement was approved.”

A new statement was needed to ensure the district could bond against SAVE revenue past Jan. 1, 2031, when its current RPS expires, according to Superintendent Eric Knost.

The school board is having design work done for construction of a performing arts addition to Lewis Central High School and additions and improvements to the district’s transportation and operations complex, which may involve issuing bonds that wouldn’t be retired for 20 years.

The new statement will remain in effect until replaced or amended by the Lewis Central Community School District Board of Education or until the tax sunsets in January 2051 – whichever comes first, Knost said. The board would still have to hold public hearings on any proposal to bond for a project before voting on it.

The statement is designed to cover pretty much everything SAVE revenue can legally be used for, including the following:

• Reduction of debt or debt service, such as physical plant and equipment levies, public educational and recreational levies and payment or retirement of general obligation bonds.

• Purchase, construction, improvement, repair, furnishing, equipping or demolishing school, athletic or transportation facilities.

• Land acquisition and site preparation.

• Purchase or repair of technological or transportation equipment and purchase and installation of electronic infrastructure.

• Cleanup and other costs necessitated by a disaster.

The statement also mentions using the revenue to share or rent buildings or facilities, including in joint infrastructure projects with a community college, or to purchase land, construction materials and supplies for a student-constructed structure or shed to be retained and used by the school district.

Finally, the statement makes an all-inclusive reference to “any other purposes authorized by law now or in the future and designated by the Lewis Central Community School District.”

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