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The winners of the inaugural Masters of Golf Trivia contest, sponsored by The Daily Nonpareil and Dodge Riverside Golf Club, have been announced.

Taking home the top prize was Bill Letuli of Council Bluffs, who was drawn among those who answered all 18 questions correctly. He will receive a set of Nike Covert Golf Clubs (including a bag, driver, irons and fairway wood – valued at $1,500) and a “Master of Golf Trivia” polo shirt.

Eighteen other contestants also won flag prizes for the 18 “holes” of trivia. Those winners can stop by The Nonpareil, 535 W. Broadway, Suite 300, to pick up their prizes – either a box of golf balls or a book on the sport. The winners, randomly drawn from all entrants who correctly answered each question, are as follows:

• Hole 1: Barbara Stuckey, Council Bluffs

• Hole 2: Dennis Lainson, Council Bluffs

• Hole 3: Anna Hildebrand, Oakland

• Hole 4: ReAnn Hildebrand, Oakland

• Hole 5: Teresa DeWitt, Council Bluffs

• Hole 6: Dan DeWitt, Council Bluffs

• Hole 7: Billie Wood Shepard, Council Bluffs

• Hole 8: Ray Miller Jr., Council Bluffs

• Hole 9: Jeffrey Cross, Council Bluffs

• Hole 10: Josh Johnson, Council Bluffs

• Hole 11: John Williams, Council Bluffs

• Hole 12: Bob Jordan, Council Bluffs

• Hole 13: Steve Feyerherm, Council Bluffs

• Hole 14: Tom Howard, Council Bluffs

• Hole 15: Leah Johnson, Council Bluffs

• Hole 16: Jim Kinney, Council Bluffs

• Hole 17: Kevin Taylor, Council Bluffs

• Hole 18: Dean Heiman, Council Bluffs

Thanks to everyone for competing in this year’s Masters of Golf Trivia contest.

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