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The Daily Nonpareil has announced a golf trivia online contest set to begin Sunday, March 23. The contest – Masters of Golf Trivia – will feature 18 questions, with one question being posted each day between March 23 and April 9, the day before the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Ga., begins. The contest is being sponsored by the Dodge Riverside Golf Club in Council Bluffs.

There will be 18 daily winners – one for each question – and one overall grand prize winner for the most questions answered correctly. In the event that more than one player has the same number of correct answers, a random drawing will be held to determine the actual daily and overall winners. All winners will be announced on April 10.

The grand prize is a set of Nike Covert Golf Clubs that includes a set of irons ranging from the 4-iron to the pitching wedge, plus an attack wedge; a driver and fairway wood; and a Nike Extreme Sport Stand Bag, valued at $1,450. The grand prize winner will also receive a green polo shirt with the insignia “Masters of Golf Trivia 2014 Grand Prize Winner.”

To qualify to win a daily prize, players must answer each trivia question on the day asked. Late comers to the contest will be allowed to go back and answer missed questions in order to compete for the grand prize, but they will not be able qualified to win prizes for the daily questions answered after the day each question was posted.

In conjunction with the contest, the Dodge Riverside Golf Club is also providing a free bonus 18-hole round of golf to the first 125 individuals who purchase a Southwest Iowa Golf Card starting today. The special bonus-card offer will expire when all 125 cards are claimed or on April 30, whichever comes first. The Southwest Iowa Golf Card features one 18-hole round of golf at 11 different southwest Iowa golf courses. See the full-page ad in today’s Nonpareil for complete details.

To play the “Masters of Golf Trivia” contest go to beginning Sunday and click on the link beneath the Contests header.

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