At left, Pastor Dan Stuck listens to Bill Schafer, right, respond to questions during a Council Bluffs visit as he campaigns in Iowa’s 3rd district as a conservative Republican.

Bill Schafer, a retired U.S. Army colonel, spoke at the Community in Action building at 28 Pearl St. Thursday night about his bid for Congress in Iowa’s 3rd district as a conservative Republican.

Schafer served as a civilian director of human resources for five years after retiring from the Army.

He said he quit that job in May as he would not have been able to work for the federal government and run for Congress.

“I’m running because we lost the seat in 2018,” he said. “I saw Iowa as a conservative state, and I saw politicians not embracing America first and not embracing the great achievements, in my view, that the president is making.”

After traveling while in the military, Schafer said he fell in love with Iowa and Iowans while assigned at the Rock Island Arsenal.

Schafer said every American should ask: “Does the constitution require a federal government solution to that problem? If the answer is not a constitutionally mandated federal responsibility, I will push to give that back to the states.”

Schafer said states and communities should be involved in and have more control of issues including education and homelessness.

He said he would work toward implementing changes regarding those issues and act as a pro-life supporter, advocate for balancing the budget, supporting the border wall, border sovereignty and term limits for members of Congress.

He said as a senior officer he wrote and executed policy.

“I’ll tell you something different between me and most politicians. I had to personally live by the policies I either wrote for my boss or wrote for my own command,” Schafer said.

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