Aug. 10 is officially known as “Spoil your Dog Day,” but I’m going out on a limb here to suggest that we spoil our cats along with our dogs.

What do most pets want from their owners? Time. Time for a walk. Time to throw a ball. Time to drag a string along the floor. Time to feed a few treats. Time to scratch a chin or rub a belly.

Spoiling your pet can be as simple as a little dedication from you to find new or consistent ways to show your pet you love them and treat them like family.

For example, you can walk your dog on a new route. Sounds simple, right? But a new adventure will allow your dog to smell new rocks, trees and poles. If you normally only go once a day, try a secondary surprise walk during a time that is new to your dog.

Car rides are an obvious choice. A great adventure can be a trip to a dog park or a friend’s house (human or animal) for a play date. Consider bringing your pet with you as your run errands. Many places that perform a “drive-up” business, like a bank or a fast-food restaurant, often offer treats for pets. Just make sure that you NEVER leave an animal in a car when the weather is warm. Temperatures can be deceiving, and your pet can be easily harmed from being kept inside a hot car. When in doubt, leave your pet at home.

Animals like to learn, so go online, watch a pet show, or check out the library for books with tips and tricks to keep your pet’s brain engaged. Go where the water is. It’s funny how many dogs run for the hills when it’s bath time, but you can hardly restrain them when they see a lake in the distance. Swimming is great exercise for dogs and is gentle on joints and easy for dogs of all ages.

An often overlooked way to spoil your pet is to simply make sure they are microchipped. Aug. 15 is “Check the Chip Day” and microchips greatly increase the chances that pets will be reunited with their families if they are lost or stolen. But a microchip only works if its registration information is accurate. Most veterinarians and shelters scan animals for microchips and can set your pet up with one if they aren’t currently chipped. Every adoptable animal at MHS already has a chip and our staff does the initial set up for you. Just make sure if you move, change phone number or emails, that you update the information tied to your pet. If your animal is lost and has a microchip and is brought to the shelter, they will be scanned, and the owner contacted to retrieve their pet.

By simply loving your pets and showing kindness, they will feel like the luckiest pet on earth. They are meant to be a part of your family. Don’t keep them on a chain in the backyard or stuck in a kennel or part of your home where no one goes.

In just one month, you can show support for the animals at the Midlands Humane Society by attending and/or sponsoring our second annual Wags & Wheels Car Show. On Sep. 8 from 12 to 4 p.m., come check out amazing automobiles. From classics to hot rods and foreign models too, there will be something for everyone. The venue is also amazing: Thunderbowl/McCoy’s, 1900 Madison Avenue, will offer food and drink specials along with an air-conditioned building and indoor restrooms. We will have tons of raffle prizes, live music by Radio Pilot, adoptable animals and some giveaways!

MHS Pets of the Week, brought to you by Wolf Brothers Western Store and Boots for Less: Through today, our dogs (over 1 year) can be adopted for half off their regular adoption price. This is a great time to bring a new four-legged friend into your family. And, let’s not forget the cats. All kittens, up to 11 months can be adopted for just $75. Everything over one year of age has an adoption fee of just $25. Keep in mind, just the cost to microchip an animal is $25, so potential adopters can really get in on some fantastic deals.

Brittany is an 8.5-year-old spayed female who is hoping for a perfect match to come along. She is so sweet and cuddly and has previously gotten along with other cats.

Adam is a roughly 1-year-old neutered male domestic shorthair who arrived as a stray back in April.

Adam is sweet and playful with loads of affection to give. He has tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. This is a virus that affects a low percent of cats each year. Most cats infected with FIV can go on to live very normal lives and can reach a moderate to old age. An infected cat’s health may deteriorate progressively or be characterized by recurrent illness interspersed with periods of relatively good health.

Gizmo is a 9-year-old neutered male Chow mix looking to join a laid-back home. I mean, how can you say no to this goofy face? Gizmo will be a great fit for a quiet home looking for a companion. He will do best as your only pet and is not suitable for apartment life.

Just like his name suggests, Titan is a big boy. This 9-year-old handsome, longhair cat was adopted and returned for not getting along well with the family’s dog. With that in mind, you may want to keep him clear of anyone in the canine category. After all, he is an older cat, with a mind of own who prefers to live peacefully while basking in a sunny window.

Stop by to say hello. We are located at 1020 Railroad Avenue.

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