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Cyclists ride during RAGBRAI, Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, in Council Bluffs on July 21, 2013.

The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa is less than a month away.

Since Council Bluffs is the first host city on the route, participants should be rolling into the area for at least one overnight stay on July 20.

Many of these participants are in need of host families — volunteers who can accommodate their traveling needs for one night — before the ride begins on July 21.

“I know that Council Bluffs will step up and host these groups of riders who are coming through. We want them to have an enjoyable experience,” said Paula Danker, a volunteer on the RAGBRAI housing committee.

Currently, there are nine groups that need lodging.

Group 1: Tent camping in yard, area for one tent, motor home or van in driveway, electrical needs

“Team made up of four mature gym members sleeping in a tent or in the Winnebago View RV. Water hookup would also be nice along with electric plug in. If no water, being able to a take a shower would be nice. Enjoy a beer, but no wild parties.”

Group 2: Floor spaces for four riders

“Hi! Three of us are physical therapists and can provide free consultations for your aches and pains! We are all RAGBRAI veterans, even the 14 year old kids. We are a quiet bunch. We can all sleep in the RV or pitch a tent in the yard for the boys, but we like having inside space, even on a floor (we have blow up mattress) so the boys can get a good night’s sleep before the ride. We are easy going, flexible and especially love meeting people, three of us are originally from Carroll.”

Group 3: Storing a motor home or camper in driveway, electrical needs

“Both couples are 65 and over and semi-retired. My sister and I rode last year two days and hope to make it through three days this year with my husband joining us. My sister’s friend will be driving our support vehicle. We have rented a 28-foot camper that we are looking for a parking space for. Thanking you in advance for your consideration.”

Group 4: Tent camping in yard, area for four tents, storing a motor home or camper in driveway, electrical needs

“We are a group of mostly, very experienced, older riders. Our two most “senior” riders have been doing RAGBRAI for 27 years. We are very quiet and are respectful to our hosts. We need an electrical hookup for our fifth wheel camper and a water hose available to use the shower inside our camper. We would be happy to compensate for water and electricity. We do not need anything inside anyone’s home.”

Group 5: Tent camping in yard, area for five tents, need use of shower/toilet facilities

“We are a fun group with five adults and our high school aged kids ages 15 and up. Most of us are from Oregon and the others are from Texas. Our fearless leader, Nancy, makes the rules such as ‘never miss a water slide on RAGBRAI.’ Thanks for your consideration.”

Group 6: Tent camping in yard, area for one tent, motor home or van in driveway, electrical needs, smoke-free only

“We are a three generation family of riders. This is our seventh RAGBRAI. We are relatively self-sufficient. We have a 34-foot RV, which can fit in a driveway or on the curb. A regular 20A outlet to plug into is appreciated, but we can run our on-board generator if it’s not available. We might pitch one tent.”

Group 7: Tent camping in yard, area for one tent, motor home or van in driveway, shower/toilet facilities, and electrical needs

“We are 50ish, low-key dads from St. Louis area and are raising money for the Special Olympics. We mostly need access to bathroom facilities. If need be, we can park the RV on the street and would appreciate (but don’t need) to plug in the RV. We’ve been on RAGBRAI before and host families are one of the best parts of the trip. Thanks, Team Dads on the Run!”

Group 8: Motor home or van in driveway, electrical needs

“We are a 6 old guys doing RAGBRAI. We are driving a 31-foot RV and a place to park for Saturday evening would be great. We’ll all be in the RV. This is my third RAGBRAI. Previous years were comprised of camping in yards or the RAGBRAI Park. This is my first time with an RV. The other five riders are all rookies. We age from 43 to 62 years old. Pretty easy going group.”

Group 9: Motor home or van in driveway, vehicle in the driveway, shower/toilet facilities, and electrical needs

“We do have a team motor home that pulls our bike trailer and a truck pulling a trailer that hauls all our other supplies (tents, totes, sleeping bags, food, lawn chairs, etc.) We can park on the road, too. If possible, water and electrical hookups are highly appreciated as are an indoor shower and toilets. We are a highly responsible team. Our support crew arrives early to meet our hosts, figure out where to park and how to set it up, and, most importantly, make sure we leave our host site just as found it. Nothing will remain to clean up. Our team is based of mature adults who have ridden with our team for many years. Thank you.”

Those available to host any of these specific groups, can indicate the group number in the form online: ragbraicb.com/residents/host/form

If you are available and want to host a group, go to ragbraicb.com/residents/host/form, as more groups are requesting housing closer to the event.

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