Beware of dog: This grumpy Shiba Inu will steal your heart...while frowning at you.

His name is Chester. He's 12 years old and people from all over the world are falling in love with him and his grumpy face.

"He's grumpy in real life," his owner Kirby Kaufman said. "And he's adorable and clingy and he'll follow you around like a little ghost."

Kaufman, a former Daily Nonpareil staff member, adopted Chester on July 6, 2017, from the Nebraska Humane Society in Omaha. However, it wasn't until four months ago that Kaufman decided to create an Instagram account for Chester.

"People have been bugging me to create the account, so I decided to do it once I found out just how popular his posts are," Kaufman said.

You can find Chester and all of his grumpiness on Instagram at @grumpysheeb. As of 2:45 p.m. Monday, he had 8,527 followers.

The account has gained a substantial number of followers since its creation four months ago. Last week, websites from all over the world started sharing photos and stories about the dog including Japan, Germany, Taiwan and more. The popular blog site Bored Panda also featured the grumpy dog.

He's become quite famous. He even has fan art.

Currently, Kaufman doesn't have dog-related merchandise for sale, but if the account hits 10,000 followers, he might consider it.

Kaufman said Chester's personality is that of a typical Shiba.

"He's very much a creature of habit," Kaufman said. "He gets upset if you move around the furniture or wait even 10 seconds too long to feed him."

While Chester has fans from all around the world, his first fan club hails from the neighborhood where Kaufman lives: Benson, Nebraska. And it's not untypical for people to recognize Chester during a neighborhood walk.

"He's Benson famous," Kaufman said. "He's a regular at Virtuoso Pizza."

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