“I voted” stickers await those filling out ballots for the City Council primary election at the Precinct 11 polling site at Broadway United Methodist Church on Oct. 8.

Tuesday is a vitally important day for the residents of Council Bluffs.

The city’s registered voters will be asked to go to their polling site and select three City Council members to serve for the next four years. Voters will also be asked to choose four individuals to serve on the Council Bluffs Community School District’s Board as well as three for the Lewis Central School Board.

The City Council race pits three incumbents, Roger Sandau, Nate Watson and Sharon White, against three challengers, Deb Bass, Joe Disalvo and Chad Hannan.

Prior to the primary election and in the weeks since, the six City Council candidates — through forums, meet and greet sessions, various advertising venues, old-fashioned door knocking and social media — have worked to let city residents know where they stand on a host of issues and to hear the concerns of residents of the city they hope to help lead in the coming years.

To a person, they have worked hard to convince voters they have the vision and the will to take Council Bluffs to the “next level.”

On Tuesday, voters will be asked to decide what that next level is or, in their opinion, should be. Do voters want Council Bluffs to continue on its current path or perhaps move in a different direction? It’s an important decision for the future of our city.

Council Bluffs School Board member Bill Grove’s term is expiring at the end of the year, and he is not running for re-election. Incumbents David Coziahr, Chris LaFerla and Troy Arthur have terms ending but are running again.

Challengers for the Bluffs School Board seats include Jill Shudak and Richard Dallinger and Ryan Batt of Council Bluffs is mounting a write-in campaign for a seat on the board.

In the Lewis Central race, four people are running for three seats. Brian Stoufer, Amie Adkins and Daryl Weilage all have terms ending, and all three are running for re-election. Challenger Travis Houseton will also be vying for a seat.

As with the City Council candidates, candidates for the two local school boards will play a critical role in setting the course for their respective districts. Making sure that our young people get the best possible education to prepare them -– and our city -– for the future is crucial. They have stated their positions on various issues, and, again, it’s our turn to decide who will best fulfill our vision for the future.

Today’s edition of The Nonpareil contains a Voter’s Guide in which the candidates for City Council and both school boards had yet another opportunity to share their views on the future and their plans to make those views a reality.

Polling sites will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday. We would encourage every eligible voter to follow the lead of our candidates and make their views on the issues that will help shape Council Bluffs for the next four years and beyond known.

This is your opportunity to be heard in a meaningful way. Don’t waste it.

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