For six terms, starting after his election in November of 2006, Rep. Greg Forristall served Pottawattamie County, including a portion of Council Bluffs, in House District 22 by fighting for education and other issues.

Forristall died Wednesday, and we take this space to honor a state lawmaker colleagues described as “very intelligent,” with a unique perspective on issues and a “champion of education.”

“We didn’t always agree, but there was a lot of respect between the both of us,” said Rep. Charlie McConkey, a Democrat who represents western Council Bluffs and all of Carter Lake in District 15. “He’s going to be missed.”

Forristall’s wife Carol said “Greg was a wonderful husband and my best friend.”

“He truly loved life. I was proud of his lifelong dedication to education, the arts, agriculture and public service,” Carol Forristall said.

“He always had his eye on the bigger picture and was able to cut through the clutter,” said Jen Rae Wang, Forristall’s niece. “He was the first person to show me the sky through a telescope as a child out on he and Aunt Carol’s farm.”

That inspiration stayed with Wang who, today, is an associate administrator with NASA.

Before his election, Forristall served on the Iowa Western Community College Board and the Iowa State Board of Education. He also served on research committees for the Iowa Corn Promotion Board and chaired committees for the Iowa Farm Bureau, specializing in market information, agricultural technology and conflict resolution. Forristall had an impact on Pottawattamie County and beyond. He’ll be missed at home and at the Legislature in Des Moines.

Our condolences to the Forristall family and friends.


Happy Mother’s Day

On this Mother’s Day, allow us to take a moment to heap praise on the women who have taken care of us through thick and thin and continue to enrich our lives.

Mothers across the country and the world have been selfless to give their children a better life.

Enjoy that hanging plant, box of chocolates and home-cooked meal by a loved one.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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