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Biden ‘not your average Joe’

Former Vice President Joe Biden has entered the Democratic nomination race with one of his pitch lines being: “He is not your average Joe.” That is for sure.

Biden is not your average Jane or Joe that are among the masses of Americans that do the heavy lifting, dirty work and attention to detail that essentials life in our land that because of the likes of Joe Biden has for the past 40-plus years allowed a wealth-hoarding few to increasingly rake-and-take billions at the expense of the quality of life, shared standard of living, and environmental rust and rot of the infrastructure that is overall the living environment for far too many people. And many of these people currently do not even get so much of a good glance at what was in past times the expected life of living the American Dream.

Biden’s disregard for Anita Hill during her having come forward during Clarence Thomas’ Court-appointment hearings, when it counted, reflects him having served as a Republican-Lite Democrat with big bucks from those that have lined their pockets by him being their public servant. Oh, but Joe has taken in big campaign bucks already. Yup, and as Deep Throat advised during the Nixon Watergate scandal, “Follow the money,” Biden will!

For the two major political parties to again leave the electorate with a choice between the lesser of two evils is to assure that the evil of two lesser will subject the nation to further decline. If that is all the better we can do, no significant better is our due. And this while our youth on teams of athletic play and those called to stand in harm’s way are told, “Be all you can be,” but this does not apply to the land we all call home?

Sam Osborne, West Branch

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