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Yang knows how to tackle problems of tomorrow

Recently, technology has caused a myriad of problems that our government doesn’t know how to solve. Because we ignored these problems, Donald Trump became our president after millions of Americans working in manufacturing lost their jobs due to automation. Currently, automation is displacing millions of more Americans working in retail, call-centers, fast-food and truck-driving. The only person who understands these problems is Andrew Yang, a Democrat running for president in 2020 who proposes to return some of the gains from technology to us in the form of a Freedom Dividend of $1,000 every month, similar to the oil dividend in Alaska.

As a unifier who’s open-minded enough to reach out to all Americans, not just Democrats, Andrew’s the strongest candidate to defeat Trump. Americans from both the right and left support Andrew because his practical, evidence-based policies help everybody regardless of what side they are on. Andrew’s not a career politician. He’s a leader who aspires to solve the problems of the 21st century.

On Monday, you can caucus for Andrew Yang, the only candidate who will beat Donald Trump because he has the right answers for today’s problems. What say you?

Danny Zeng, Santa Barbara, California

Questioning Biden’s commitment to ‘unity’

On Tuesday, reporters in Muscatine asked Joe Biden whether Sen. Bernie Sanders can unite the Democratic Party. Biden replied, “We have to unite. I’m not going to make judgments now. I just think that it depends upon how we treat one another between now and the time we have a nominee.”

Later that day, Ed Fallon, a former Iowa state senator, asked Biden to clarify his position on pipelines. Biden replied, “Go vote for someone else.” Will Biden unify the party by telling questioners to vote for someone else?

Fallon replied that he will support Biden in the general election. Biden poked Fallon in the chest, saying, “You’re not going to vote for me in the primary.” Fallon politely asked for a photograph. Biden responded with incredulity: “You’re asking for a picture of me, coming up and telling me you don’t support me.” Will Biden unify the party by refusing anyone who once supported someone else?

Biden then grabbed the zippers of Fallon’s jacket, saying “You believe that Bernie can do something [on climate] by 2030.” Fallon interrupted, saying he will caucus for Tom Steyer. Biden criticized Steyer, noting his past investment in coal. Will Biden unify the party by criticizing competitors’ past professional lives?

The interaction ends with Biden poking Fallon again and walking away.

Biden says that whether anyone can unify democrats “depends upon how we treat one another between now and the time we have a nominee.” If Biden stays in the race, democrats are in trouble.

Stephen Biggs, Ames

Sanders is the best choice for president

Never in my lifetime, spanning more than six decades and including time at Iowa State University, has there been a more important election. We are on the brink of losing our democracy and becoming a full-fledged oligarchy. A corporate kleptocracy feeding a tiny group of billionaires has taken over our nation. But we can weaken it, and a vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders will be a step in the right direction.

He is the only candidate who will address the issues of wealth inequality, tyranny of the healthcare industry and the threat of climate change. He is the only candidate committed to ending our continuous wars, who will fight to give all Americans a living wage, who will work for us, not Wall Street’s big banks.

Mainstream media, which represents Wall Street, has consistently discredited Sanders’ policies and attacked his political views. A recent egregious smear occurred in which Sen. Elizabeth Warren herself was involved.

CNN claimed that during a private meeting in 2018 with Warren, Sanders allegedly said that a woman couldn’t be elected President in 2020. They claimed that there were four sources, none of whom were present when Sanders allegedly said this. Not only that, but none of them were named, so there is no way anyone can verify their claim.

However, a Sanders-Warren ticket would be an ideal match. Both support universal healthcare, student debt forgiveness and an aggressive approach to dealing with climate change. Together they would create a formidable candidacy that would have no trouble winning the nomination and the presidency.

Our situation is getting desperate: Our freedoms have eroded, the middle class is disappearing, our environment is in crisis, and we are becoming a military state.

A vote for Sanders is a vote for freedom and a step towards removing the shackles placed on us by the corporate kleptocracy. We must do this or our government of the people, not the billionaires; by the people, not the billionaires; and for the people, not the billionaires; will perish from the earth.

Tom Calarco, Bountiful, Utah

Sanders’ record is concerning

Bernie Sanders is on the record, but even more importantly on videotape (from Aug. 8, 1985 and June 13, 1988) uncritically publicly praising the so-called virtues of communist dictatorships in Cuba under Fidel Castro, in Nicaragua under Daniel Ortega and in the Soviet Union under totalitarian tyranny.

Sanders and his second wife Jane spent their 1988 marital honeymoon in the Soviet Union. Why would Bernie Sanders, of all places on this planet, actually voluntarily pick the Soviet Union as the destination for their honeymoon? (Were all of the available hotel rooms in Cuba, Nicaragua, and North Korea already booked in 1988?)

From the numerous communal kibbutzim in Israel that Bernie Sanders could have chosen from in 1963, why would Sanders have voluntarily joined Kibbutz Sha’ar Ha’amakim, whose founder Aharon Cohen was convicted of spying for the Soviet Union?

According to the Feb. 9, 2016 edition of The Times of Israel, “The kibbutz belonged to the Israeli political party Mapam, which in the 1950s had been a communist, Soviet-affiliated faction. Kibbutz members had admired Joseph Stalin until his death, and they would celebrate May Day with red flags.”

If Sanders were to ever publicly disclose the truth about his prior political activities, that’s the day those much-heralded tens-of-millions of dollars in donations will cease.

These days, your favorite so-called democratic socialist Sen. Sanders prefers flying on his personal private jet plane to sitting with us commoners in coach. Joe Biden still rides Amtrak, from what I’ve heard. And I thought Biden was supposed to be the elitist, Bernie?

This might explain why Sanders vehemently refused to disclose any of his tax returns until April of 2019, when Senator Sanders finally had to admit that he has been a member of the top 1% of Americans economically all along, while publicly, dishonestly, pretending to be otherwise.

Jake Pickering, Arcata, California

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