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Support for Sandau

A father with no need to defend: Honesty, integrity, common sense, compassion, the willingness to help others, and last but not least, work ethic.

Never having to tell him what needs to be done. He is always way ahead of me.

These are the things you will receive, if you re-elect Roger to another four years on City Council.

Roger’s late mother (Chris) and I are very proud of what he has done with his life.

Roger L. Sandau, Council Bluffs

Time to start over

Change can be a good thing and our City Council membership definitely needs a change. The controversy over some council members voting to add the West Broadway medians back into the plan, despite the opposition of hundreds of residents, has left a lasting negative effect on the city.

The upcoming election is a chance to hit delete, reset and start over. On Nov. 5, vote for those who want positive changes. Support Sandau, Hannan, and Disalvo.

Bev Nurton, Council Bluffs

A few thoughts on city management

To the voters, undoubtedly change is most likely coming so your vote and participation will determine the short- and long-term impact of this election. Unfortunately, some changes will be felt immediately. The upcoming budget will unnecessarily feel the impact that the state has imposed with the amount the governing bodies can raise their revenues.

This and the past decade or two our tax base has only keep up with the cost of business even with the new and increased fees, increased sales tax, beautification and no major increases in the city’s tax levy, to mention only a few.

Therefore, there will and should be open conversations that will include service reductions, the funding method of various categories, fees, and priorities. As it now stands there is no room for any water detention systems or past infrastructure upgrades. So, being from the old school, I suggest we need to analyze the following for consumption.

Unpopular as it may sound, most likely will be a need for re-negotiations of the cities positions in some areas of the levies, and others we possibly need to remove our commitments to especially if they are not self sufficient.

To be fair, some of the “fees” should also face this same examination, Even to the extent of placing them on a ballot initiative most likely they would face objections and rejection to have them voted on however, as in the past some have been petitioned by the public.

A consideration list could look like this hotel-motel tax, franchise fees, local road use, gaming revenues, sales tax, red light fees, Bass Pro subsidy, the MAC subsidy, the airport subsidy and placing it on the tax roles as a beginning.

While looming in the near future, a storm water fee, and 350 or so miles of streets and infrastructure up grades and and bring some to current codes.

This may be painful to all — the home owners, the commercial owners, and lastly to the potential employee losses. Bottom line, it should be shared appropriately.

Sam Irwin, Council Bluffs

Time for a change

As a lifelong member of the Council Bluffs community and a current business owner, I know how hard it is to balance work and family. My mother gave up her career as a dance teacher to support my athletic career in high school and college. I have missed work functions due to family events.

Life happens.

I believe family should come before anything and everything else. Does that make someone less qualified to sit on the City Council? In my opinion it does the opposite. This actually strengthens my opinion of the individual(s) who put their families first.

I am friends with Joe Disalvo, Roger Sandau and Chad Hannan. All of whom have young families growing up in our community. All of whom have extremely strong roots in the community. More importantly, they all listen to the entire community’s issues, not just a select few. It would be a disservice as a public service representative of the community to not listen to everyone’s issues.

Public service is just that — public service. Tax payers are paying the salaries of our City Council. When individuals tell the voting public that they will donate the salary increase if they are elected, it seems inappropriate to me that money is one of the driving forces in this election. If this doesn’t bother people in general, then that is a bigger issue in itself.

There has been speculation that a bar political action committee has been formed to help with the campaigns of Roger, Chad, and Joe. This is a completely false allegation.

While many individuals in the community have decided to support some of, if not all of the gentlemen, it is not a concerted effort by an imaginary group that has been falsely accused of doing so.

With Sharon White, Nate Watson and Deb Bass publicly announcing their “Better Together” Campaign, this has in turn forced the public to see this election as a slate/team vote. While these three undoubtedly have their own opinions and their own issues they want to tackle, this is the perception to the many members of this community. By proxy, this has unintentionally linked Chad, Joe, and Roger together, who are not of the “Team Think” philosophy.

In my opinion, people in this community want change. Vote Chad Hannan. Vote Joe Disalvo. Vote Roger Sandau.

The most important thing is to VOTE

Trent Tiessen, Council Bluffs


Insanity expressed with idiom

I have watched, with real concern and anxiety, while our country is being torn apart intentionally. Republicans and Democrats are both responsible because they do not seem to realize or care that their parties have been infected with sinister elements.

The Democrats have a plethora of presidential candidates espousing the virtues of Communism, which there are none, while disguising it as nonexistent Scandinavian socialism. The Republicans have in their ranks at least some fellow travelers as part of the Trump resistance.

The everyday voter has to wake up and pay attention. They are being played as fools! When they hear and believe reports by those actively pursuing impeachment of President Trump, it is actually a coup being perpetrated by subversives in our own intelligence agencies!

There are at least 63 million voters that had it right in their choice for the U.S. Presidency. It is fair to say the same amount have been paying attention to the antics of the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, plus their cohorts in the media.

A large portion of the same group are aware of FBI’s James Comey, NI’s James Clapper and CIA’s John Brennan in this coup attempt.

Sixty-six million voted for Hillary Clinton. It is clear a big portion have been lead to believe she actually won the presidency but was thwarted by the Russians or tens of other reasons Hillary has given and continues to give.

The winning voters are baffled by the denial of the results by the losers. It seems prudent to them, after three years of bogus investigations, the Trump win is valid and should finally be accepted. They should focus on the 2020 election to correct the perceived illegitimate result.

The many positives over the last three years are evident to most rational thinkers who choose to be observant and fair minded. Others choose not to appreciate or acknowledge such deeds. They feel they must continue resisting no matter the cost to their own welfare. They fail to grasp the meaning of the idiom “cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face.” This is truly ludicrous.

Ken Lane, Council Bluffs

Axne fights for Iowans

With all the divisiveness in Congress, it’s crucial we have someone representing us who is focused on making our lives better rather than focusing on the political squabble of the day. That’s why I’m thankful we have Cindy Axne representing us.

Cindy is fighting every day to stand up for middle class Iowans. She has been in office for less than a year but she has already passed legislation on a wide range of kitchen table issues that help the middle class, including reducing health care costs, increasing access to affordable education and jobs training, and working support farmers impacted by the trade war.

Health care: Rising health care costs impact every Iowa, which is why I was so happy to hear about Cindy’s work to make sure every Iowan has access to good health care. Cindy is working to reduce the costs of prescription drugs, ensuring that insurance companies cannot discriminate against Iowans with pre-existing conditions, and leading the effort to eliminate surprise medical billing.

Education: Education is the great equalizer in America, but that’s only the case if everyone has the opportunity to earn a good education. Cindy is working hard to make sure that is the case. She’s voted to add skills training and trade school classes so that kids can get apprenticeships right out of high school, and she is working hard to address the student loan crisis by supporting loan forgiveness programs.

Farmers/Ag: Cindy is standing up for Iowa’s family farms when they need it most. When Democratic leadership in Congress threatened to exclude relief from farmers from a funding bill, Cindy took a stand to make sure relief funding was included. Cindy has also been working to address the biofuels waiver issue that is devastating Iowa’s ethanol industry.

We need Cindy in Congress standing up for middle class Iowans. She doesn’t care whether you’re a republican, democrat or independent. Cindy is focused on doing the right thing.

Linda Nelson, Council Bluffs

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