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From a proud wife — vote for Roger Sandau

My name is Jenni Sandau and I am the proud wife of Roger Sandau. I am writing to tell you why I feel that Roger is the best choice for another term on the City Council in the upcoming election on Nov. 5. As his wife, I get to see firsthand his passion for life, family and the people of the community that he takes so much pride in calling home.

Roger is an amazing father and role model for our kids, his two step-sons, Aden and Cohen, and our daughter Joryn. His family comes first and he shows that by teaching the kids that respect, hard work and follow through are characteristics that you should possess and always take pride in. He has a calming effect within our blended family unit that reminds us all to take the small moments and turn them into big memories.

Hard work, respect and follow through are not qualities that are just discussed within our home, I see them in action every day. Roger has such an admirable respect for humankind and I have been humbled to witness him pullover in downtown Omaha and push a young girl’s broken down car out of a busy intersection while she thanked him through teary eyes; stop to help an elderly couple lift a piece of furniture out of their vehicle; and provide a ride home to an unknown neighborhood gentleman who was standing in the rain. These acts of compassion are done without the desire for any recognition or acknowledgement and the pride I have in getting to share life and raising a family with him almost makes my heart explode.

Roger is a motivated man of his word and when he sets his mind on a goal, there is nothing that will stop him from accomplishing it. He takes the initiative to get the answers, understand the situation, and address things head on.

He takes the time to hear from the citizens and can be trusted to take action for the continued growth of Council Bluffs. Our city needs a hard-working, passionate leader like Roger who is ready to face the challenges in our community.

We are in great hands with my husband, Roger Sandau, so please join me in voting for Roger for City Council on Nov. 5.

Jenni Sandau, Council Bluffs

Rolling up your sleeves and getting to work

With the City Council election closely approaching in our community, it brings up many questions and concerns as to the future of the community. It would be asinine to think that any of these individuals are running for a council position for egotism or personal satisfaction. With that being said, it would be important to keep in mind what made Council Bluffs great.

What makes Council Bluffs great is the individuals that roll up their sleeves and put in an honest day’s hard work, spend time with their family, support their local schools, and volunteer in the community. Roger Sandau is the epitome of Council Bluffs and his road to success wasn’t just deserved, it was earned. This has put Sandau in the position to help the youth in our local schools.

When helping with the youth in our local schools, Sandau has been involved with several committees that help youth with barriers to work and overcome the variety of hindrances that may prevent them from becoming a productive member of our community. The youth in this community need practice and need to be in front of businesses that will one day employ them.

Sandau has been involved with numerous mock interviews for our youth and he provides honest and constructive feedback. He has reviewed resumes to help these youth put their best foot forward when applying for a job. He has taken in interns and has helped them develop transferable skills that can potentially be applied to any occupation.

In addition, he has also taken the time to teach them the numerous difficult facets of his trade. Sandau has participated in Reverse Job Fairs and the preparation leading to the event put on by local schools. Sandau is hands-on with the youth in Council Bluffs, he’s not going to be the individual that tells you he’s invested this much money or time into a cause, but show you through the example he sets with his actions.

We should be glad to know that Sandau has helped with the salary increase for our City Council members. Some of these individuals that are running for election have already committed to donating the money to a cause. Those individuals had to make that clear and other candidates will pay it forward without having to have the recognition. Regardless, it will help our community.

Adam Manz, Council Bluffs

Thoughts on the upcoming City Council election

I was very pleased to attend the City Council forum at the Council Bluffs Public Library on Tuesday. Listening to a group of candidates and their responses to a set of questions from various neighborhoods and citizens around Council Bluffs was enlightening.

I was particularly impressed with Roger Sandau, as I have known him since he was a child. Having said that, his honesty and integrity have always been above reproach and his common sense has been a welcome addition to our City Council. I have found him to be very approachable and friendly to all.

I believe that he is a strong voice, not only for small businesses but for the citizens as well. Likewise I was impressed with Chad Hannan and Joe Disalvo. I believe that they would bring a new perspective and common sense to the council and to the city.

I would strongly recommend to my fellow citizens to support these two as well and help make Council Bluffs better and to take us to the future.

Beverly Wolf, Council Bluffs

Reader sad to hear of church’s closing

It is with such great sadness that I read that beautiful Holy Family Church will be closing. I wonder how the elderly parishioners will walk to Queen of Apostles Church, I don’t think that I can! Both of my parents’ funerals were held there. My brothers and I all graduated from Holy Family School. Many, many happy memories of walking to school with the 22nd and Avenue D gang, the carnivals, May Crowning, and just fun family activities that were centered around Holy Family.

It is still sad to look at the big, empty weed filled lot where the school was, and now to know the church will suffer the same fate. But at least many of my questions have finally been answered regarding weekly tithes, funeral donations, along with large bequeaths from my parents’ wills — the money was spent on a new half-million dollar rectory.

Maria Beraldi Henry, Omaha

Reader displeased with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles

Very disgruntled as a taxpayer, I would expect some kind of service when you have to visit the Iowa driver’s license renewal station! Get ready for nothing of the sort. Government workers do not care about your time let alone customer service. In any other world they would all be fired. Why have that many cubicles when only a few work while the rest go on break or whatever they do behind the magic disappearing door? Why can’t the manager or boss be held accountable to make this a pleasant experience? I would rather have my teeth pulled than go there! Please somebody correct this mess.

Pat McGlade, Council Bluffs

Hate has no place in America

Fifty years ago, I read a novel, “Nineteen Eighty-four” by George Orwell. I chose it primarily because of its proximity to the title year. When he penned it, I’m sure he considered what had happened before the second world war in Germany, as citizens surrendered their rights and responsibilities.

I watched Donald Trump campaign for president and I was reminded of scenes from the novel. When he was sworn in, I decided to reread it. Apparently, I was not alone, because the novel repeated as a best seller in January 2017.

As I watched some of the president’s rally in Minneapolis, I was again reminded of Orwell’s novel. There is a scene in the book, the “two minute hate.” The characters are gathered in a room and shown horror scenes of the “enemy.” As they become more pronounced, people increasingly express displeasure from anger to screaming, to absolutely rabid behavior. Similarly, people at the rally, listen to the president as he denigrates his opponents. First, they laugh, then boo, and, on inspiration from the president, a few act out. Some attack the media or protesters at the rally on promises from the president, “I’ll pay your legal fees.” Later, a few attack with home-made bombs, or with other weapons that were used against a gay bar, a pizza place, or a Las Vegas concert.

Let’s not give up our rights and responsibilities as citizens. Hate has no place in America.

Steve Patterson, Marion

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