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Some thoughts on the upcoming primary

A couple observations which may have a bearing on our city council election. It appears there will be a need for lengthy conversations on the 2% cap the state has imposed on our budgeting process which starts in 30-60 days spelling out specifically it’s impact. Will this be an impact to economic development, staff reductions, or more pain for the commercial and residential tax payers?

Another observation that may have an impact on the election is how comfortable are the voters with what some say the major streets are lined with gold, glitter, and flowers. Those who are not suggest there are some 300-350 miles of streets, roads and waterway’s wish the remainder get the same treatment.

Regardless of your positions in the next four years there most likely there will possibly some painful calls without bold initiatives thoughts actions and compromising.

So those who make it to the general election there not doubt will be new options presented at you to consider good luck.

Sam Irwin, Council Bluffs

Vote Bass for Council Bluffs City Council

Over the 30 years I have personally known Deb Bass, I have seen her embrace employment roles in healthcare, education, information technology, business ownership, and as a CEO of a non-profit. I have seen her excel in volunteer opportunities and devote excessive hours in leadership roles in board service.

I’ve been following Deb’s campaign over the past four month as she has met with city leaders, department heads, community leaders, neighborhood associations, non-profit executives and school superintendents (totaling more than 70 meetings). She has canvassed on foot countless neighborhoods and engaged in frank and candid conversations with residents on the challenges facing Council Bluffs.

Her campaign efforts have already given her a firm foundation in understanding the city’s finances, the city’s strengths, and has her thinking about the future and how to build upon the momentum to make Council Bluffs an even better community. Council Bluffs is at a crossroads finding itself in the middle of an expanded interstate system. The city has new opportunities to grow economically and historically within this expansion.

Deb has a passion for excellence; she is not afraid of hard work; and most important she has a collaborative spirit with great listening skills. I have seen her demonstrate time and time again that by working together even better things can happen.

Deb Bass is stepping up as a candidate for election to a city council position with an expansive breadth of qualifications, skill sets, and experience. Her learning curve for government service has already narrowed; and if elected, I can assure you she will arrive on the job equipped and ready to go to work.

She would appreciate your vote on Oct. 8. Personally, I’m anxious to see what she can accomplish next.

Susan M. Miller, Carson

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