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Thank you to the postal service

The USPS in this town is the most courteous and helpful, of any place I have ever lived, and that, is a lot of communities. Their patience, helpfulness and people skills is well above expectations. They are the least intimidating and most accommodating of persons. I have never been turned down for any reasonable request or felt to be a nuisance. What more could any one ask?

Bill Holmes

Council Bluffs

Globalists vs. Nationalists

The many differing worldviews suggested by such topics as immigration, voting, and driver’s licensing can best be described as being between globalism vs. nationalism.

The nationalist worldview insists on having secured national borders, enforced immigration laws, and not easily forged drivers licenses. The globalist worldview believes that all national borders constitute an infringement on humanity’s right to migrate anywhere in the world anyone wishes.

Often one hears globalists referring to their worldview as being “cosmopolitan,” and their idealized immigration states by the cute phrase “citizen of the world.”

Nationalists believe that driving is a privilege bestowed on U.S. citizens with legal residency who have successfully completed an approved driver training program. Globalists believe that everyone should have a driver license regardless of criminal background or immigration status.

Nationalists believe that only U.S. citizens should have access to this country’s bountiful welfare, health, and education services, whereas globalists feel that everyone is entitled to such services regardless of immigration status.

Nationalists believe that our country’s borders should be safeguarded by border enforcement officers, a force of interior enforcement officers (ICE) should be maintained, and that identifying travel documents (passports) not easily forged should be available. Globalists see no value in maintaining our national borders, limiting immigration, or having effective passport controls.

Globalists seem to feel that this country has unlimited resources with which to care for the world’s surplus population, whereas nationalists feel that any and all arguably scarce resources would be better spent on our own citizens’ needs first.

Greg Casady

Council Bluffs

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