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Protect IPERS

I implore you to keep your promise to support and protect IPERS. Please veto SF 634 and do not endorse any legislation that would change or harm IPERS.

I have received correspondence claiming I have been misinformed and that SF 634 will not impact IPERS, which lead me to ask why IPERS should be part of a property tax bill at all.

I have not received correspondence explaining to me why IPERS is included in a property tax bill at all.

I do not believe I have been misinformed. SF 634 will negatively impact IPERS. You promised “to protect IPERS today, tomorrow, and into the future!” You must veto SF 634 to keep that promise.

Shari Anderson, Council Bluffs


Celebrate National Foster Care Month

During May, National Foster Care Month, we take the time to raise awareness of the growing number of children in foster care and the need for more people to step up to help them. Last year there were over 250 children in out of home placements in Pottawattamie County.

These children have been removed from their homes and placed in foster care due to evidence of abuse or neglect by their families.

While foster care is important to keep them safe, it is not a permanent solution. This is where Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteers from Southwest Iowa CASA Program come into play.

CASA volunteers are specially trained and appointed by judges to advocate for one child or sibling group while they are in the foster care system, ensuring they are in a safe placement where their unique needs are being met. They get to know everyone involved in the child’s life, including biological parents, foster parents, teachers, doctors and lawyers, and present their information to the judge so that the best interests of the child can be represented and the judge can make more informed decisions.

Volunteers advocate first and foremost for these children to be reunified with their families whenever safe and possible. When this is not an option, they advocate for the child to be placed in a loving adoptive home. In all cases, CASA volunteers are steadfast, consistent advocates for the children they serve, making sure they have the resources and connections they need to thrive after their time in foster care.

“With more children entering the system every day, there is a growing need for more CASA volunteers to ensure these children are safe and set up for success,” said Christensen. “National Foster Care Month is the perfect time to start.”

“Children in foster care are the most vulnerable of the vulnerable,” Christensen said. “Thank you to all the foster parents, social workers, CASA volunteers and others who are stepping up to help create a brighter, safer community.”

For more information on becoming a CASA volunteer, visit iamforthechildiowa.com or call 712-328-4811.

Anne Christensen, Council Bluffs


Questioning Edgar’s death

Ethan B. Edgar was 18 when he was hunted like an animal and shot by a gang of would be Batmen.

Did he commit a crime? Yes. Did he deserve to die? No. How many 18 year olds do you know who have made a poor decision in their life only to turn it around? They were given a second chance, a second chance at life that Ethan won’t get because of some deranged lunatics thought it would be fun to take the law into their own hands.

The police are here for a reason. Your car has insurance for a reason. Those sociopaths also had a reason to be out looking for Ethan. They wanted a fight, they wanted a confrontation, they wanted an excuse to execute an 18 year old boy.

They will probably get off because of the idiotic Stand Your Ground law. But the thing is, their lives weren’t in danger. They willingly went looking for danger. They even put others in danger by firing a gun in a public place and instigating a car chase. But no, this kid had their precious Nissan so they needed to find him.

They tracked him, they trapped him and then they murdered him.

Erik Thompson, Glenwood

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