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Why do Ernst and Grassley defend Trump?

President Trump rants on and on about the flood of illegal aliens into the U.S. Yet, repeatedly, we have had many news reports that more than a few illegal aliens were hired to work at Trump’s country clubs.

Some of these illegals had been working at his clubs for many years. Some still are employed at his clubs as revealed in a recent edition of The Washington Post. The article reports on how Trump has been exploiting the labor of illegals employed at his Westchester Golf and Country Club.

His club managers have consistently demanded that these illegals work off the clock, sometimes for many hours, presumably, to keep their jobs (but, more probably, to avoid deportation).

Even the worst offenders among Iowa’s corporate farm owners who have knowingly hired illegal aliens have not resorted to such unscrupulous and, frankly, inhumane tactics that are nothing short of extortion.

These are the coercive schemes of gangsters, not presidents. But Senators Ernst and Grassley continue to support and defend this man and his behaviors. When they are asked at upcoming town meetings in Iowa about Trump’s hypocritical behaviors, how do they plan to defend them?

Steven Pokorny, Urbandale


The upper classes don’t have the working class’ well-being in mind

There are children, in America, that are unable to eat due to a lack of food in the home. There are crops rotting in fields, in warehouses, and stores. We have programs in place that try to get this food to, not just children, everyone that needs and deserves to eat. These programs help, but fall short because they rely mostly on donations and can run into funding issues.

How can we move the food from behind the walls of businesses into the mouths of the people? First, you start by removing the biggest wall of all: money.

Food is a basic need. One of the most basic requirements of life, right there with water and air. Make food free to all that are in need, which is, essentially, everyone, and if everyone has access to food, then the food moves out of stores, out of warehouses and out of the fields. It replaces waste with full stomachs.

Once money is removed from the process, a family will no longer be forced to choose between food or rent, food or a car payment, food or health insurance. Farmers will no longer be “forced” to let their crops stay in the fields in hopes of better prices. Resources “wasted” on food stamps and other like programs can be better utilized for various walls, or something that might actually be useful.

But, living in a capitalist society, money cannot be completely eliminated from any process. People need to be paid, trucks need fuel, warehouses and stores have rents and maintenance. There are two solutions. Either replace capitalism with an economic system that places people before profits, or we, as a nation finally realize that the upper classes don’t have the working class’ well-being in mind as evidenced by the fact that we are in this crisis in the first place.

Erik Thompson, Glenwood


Humane Society of the United States is effective animal protection organization

It’s wonderful to adopt shelter pets. It is also important to treat all animals humanely. That is exactly what the Humane Society of the United States has promoted for decades.

The Humane Society of the United States is the nation’s most effective animal protection organization. They and their affiliates rescued over 260,000 animals in 2018.

They respond to major cruelty and disaster situations, providing hands — on care to horses, companion animals and wildlife.

They work with companies to reform and improve companies treatment of animals.

The letters to our paper, over the years, penned by Will Coggin, list a business corporation that doesn’t actually exist or has frequently changed its name and was created by a public relations firm with $600,000 from a tobacco company.

Mr. Coggin always promotes companion pet adoption in these letters and yet, always criticizes the Humane Society of the United States.

Here are two links: HumaneSociety.org/press-room and you can go Wikipedia.org and enter: Center for Consumer Freedom.

Read for yourselves or go to the library and they can help.

Lee Hazer, Council Bluffs


Reader: Trump ‘haters’ are saving him money

The Trump hating democrats, main stream news media, Hollywood celebrities and so-called comedic late nights talk show host have been great for downsizing our entertainment expenditures. Our movie outings are now nil. My wife and I used to see two movies a week. Live entertainment attendance, other than in Branson, will never be a possibility if the star is an out-spoken Trump hater or advocate for democrat-socialist proposed policies. The late night talk show monologues insist on starting and ending with negative and untruthful comments about President Trump, his administration plus all Republican actions and policies.

Our retirement accounts are up. Our entertainment outlay is down. Our bedtimes are healthier by being earlier. Thank you, President Trump!

Ken Lane, Council Bluffs

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