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Response to other reader’s letter

Anthony Schneider’s Your Views contribution was depressing and very revealing.

He is terrified, scared and fears swastikas. He feels unsafe going to Walmart, churches, banks and concerts. It is a lot of fear to contend with. Add on his belief of kids dying in cages while being held in concentration camps on our Southern border, rampant mass shootings and police brutality against blacks.

His panic status has not subsided at all since his same 8/16 contribution to the Public Pulse column in the Omaha World Herald. It was an exact copy except for two paragraphs being omitted from his OWH, original submission. The two paragraphs contained his concern for children dying in cages, mass shootings that do not happen anywhere else, and being scammed by our government’s policies involving energy and education. Pharmaceutical and oil companies are also ranked high in his scam category.

His last paragraph was mostly virtue signaling! The LGBT, African-American and Hispanic references are blatant attempts at such signaling, His last paragraph was also modified by the Herald. The word confinement was substituted for his use of concentration in reference to camps holding migrants from Mexico and Central American countries.

Mr. Schneider is “terrified of the world his child has to grow up in.” I suggest he get a support animal to help him with his self induced anxiousness. He is clearly a victim of the same education system he professes to be concerned about and his choices of untruthful, inaccurate media opinion sources. No good for his child can come from such negative thinking and mostly hostile claims about our country and it’s citizens.

I suggest adopting a support animal and find himself a new ideological “ safe space.” It is obvious his formative years included them.

Ken Lane, Council Bluffs

Broken way to govern

Legislative bills have to be passed by both the House of Representatives and the Senate. At present, bills passed by the House are still sitting on the Senate Majority Leader’s desk.

They are on a variety of problems, from dealing with election protections, and climate change, to preventing Gun Violence. The Violence Against Women Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act have many advocates but have been sitting on the Senate Leader’s desk for months.

He has no plans to bring them to a vote. Bills on lowering Healthcare costs and Drug Prices are suffering the same fate. These bills are not up for discussion — they are in what Mitch McConnell calls “the graveyard” — his desk.

Half of Congress is working, passing the legislation they were sent to Washington to do. The leader of the other half gleefully declares that any such bills will be dead on arrival in the Senate. It sounds like the Senate needs elected officials that will try to conduct the people’s business, instead of ignoring it.

Call Senators Ernst and Grassley and express your concerns for this broken way of governing. If they don’t listen to you, their opponents might, for the good of America.

Jan Patterson, Marion

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