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Dark clothing craziness

I am not in the practice of driving after dark unless it is absolutely necessary. Our doctor appointments, shopping and restaurant visits are done during daylight. Night time driving makes me wary.

Being vulnerable to robbers, carjackings and mechanical breakdowns are concerns of mine. My reasons for not driving at night has broadened after making a 7 p.m. trip to a pharmacy.

I first encountered a black bicycle being pedaled by a rider dressed in black-hooded clothes. No reflectors or lights were displayed. The seven or eight minutes my wife spent gathering and purchasing items allowed me to observe a significant number of people dressed mostly in black or dark blue winter clothing. The foot traffic included people walking their dog or just taking a shortcut through the dimly illuminated parking lot.

I can envision all kinds of tragedies occurring. Why are people so oblivious to the perils of making themselves stealth-like during dark nocturnal conditions?

Ken Lane, Council Bluffs

Driver’s ed teacher offers a few suggestions

When I teach driver’s education, the streets are my classroom. I depend on signs and lines for my students to use and to protect us. I think the Council Bluffs traffic division is doing a great job, and also the Iowa Department of Transportation, especially with all the interstate construction.

But, I do have some suggestions.

North/south streets like 16th, 21st, 25th, 28th, 32nd and 35th from Avenue G to Ninth Avenue should have yellow lines to divide traffic. Some have parking on one side, or no parking on either side, and not all drivers can tell their own side of the road.

The traffic lights at South Sixth Street and Willow Avenue, going east/west, should have white signs with black arrows to designate turn lanes.

Coming out of the courthouse parking lot on the east side onto Pearl Street, I would suggest a stop sign with a “right turn only” sign underneath. I see a lot of drivers turn left out of that lot and go down Pearl the wrong way. Dodge and 43rd Streets have that sign in Omaha.

Avenue G and 23rd Street westbound should have an “end school zone” sign. There is one eastbound. The flashing yellow light starts the zone, so it needs an end zone sign.

All double turns should have a white tracking line. Madison Avenue exit, both sides of the South 24th Street exit, Ninth Avenue exit and the left turn from Kanesville Boulevard onto North Broadway.

Repaint stop lines where street repair was made at 21st Street and Avenue G and First Avenue and Main Street. Also at the Valley View and Highway 92 intersection.

Paint white “lane end” arrows at the westbound on-ramp from South Expressway on Interstate 29 at the end, the right lane ends three times.

Also replace the non-skid pad coming out of the CHI building eastbound onto South 31st Street. It is damaged.

The South Expressway on-ramp going southbound should have a 35 mph sign going up. As of now, it is 25 mph up until the 45 mph sign.

Paint crosswalk and stop lines at 25th Street and Second Avenue. This intersection touches Thomas Jefferson High School. Students need the drivers to have a stop point to keep them safe.

Thanks to school board member Troy Arthur for getting crosswalk lines drawn at T.J., Abraham Lincoln High School and Wilson and Kirn Middle Schools.

I am not a traffic engineer, but I depend on signs and lines.

Ed Kermoade, Street Smart instructor, Council Bluffs

New council should vote on West Broadway plan

I see by the Nonpareil that our current City Council members and the mayor want to vote on center medians on West Broadway (ed. — the council will vote on phase four of reconstruction work, which is scheduled to complete a portion of medians originally planned as part of phase three of reconstruction). This is now a “lame duck” council — this matter is vital to our city, but it certainly can wait and options can be reviewed by the new sitting council members.

Don’t you think this may be why the public voted as they did?

I’m a proud west-ender.

Linda Henrikus, Council Bluffs

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