Vote for Disalvo

I strongly urge the voters of Council Bluffs to cast a vote for Joe Disalvo for City Council. Joe is someone who I’ve known for eight years. I’ve watched him fall in love and get married, buy a house, have two wonderful children, start a business and put down roots in our city.

The fact that Joe has chosen to stay in Council Bluffs and raise a family says volumes about him he is committed to our town, he’s devoted to our community and he has pledged his time to learning about how to help his fellow townspeople here. I think what I admire most about Joe is that he wants to know more about what issues are affecting the community and has a genuine interest in trying to help. He has pledged to do everything in his power to solve problems and try to give real life and practical solutions for issues pertaining to our town.

Joe isn’t slick or polished, he’s not propped up by any PAC (real or imagined). He’s a hardworking “every-man” — someone trying to make a difference and give back to the community he loves.

That’s why I support Joe Disalvo for City Council.

Meghann Youngblood

Council Bluffs

A thank you to Harrah’s security and the Council Bluffs Police Department

In September of this year while treating a friend to dinner my car was hit and the other driver ran in the Harrah’s parking lot. Hoping but not expecting to have this incident on security cameras, I filled out a report for Harrah’s security.

Members of security went above and beyond to help me and called me at home within 90 minutes. They could only release the information to the police, who were in my driveway minutes after calling them. The culprit was identified and the police answered every question I had that day and in the coming weeks.

My car will be repaired at no charge to me because of this, instead of paying out of pocket. Thank you so much Harrah’s security and Council Bluffs Police for a job well done.

Scott Boxey

Council Bluffs

America should not ‘abandon’ the Kurds

Trump’s decision to abandon the Kurds to the extermination inclinations of Erdogan is shameful and is an appallingly stupid foreign policy decision. The U.S. owes a huge debt of gratitude for the extraordinary assistance the Kurds provided in terminating the ISIS caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

America relied on their loyalty, and, in return, we turn the Kurds over to the same genocidal forces that nearly wiped out the Armenians in 1915. Our western and Asian allies need no further proof of the fickleness of American loyalty and the hollowness of our promises to them.

There is no longer a reason for them to trust America whether with regard to trade cooperation, to respective national security coordination, or to agreements of military aid and assistance. South Korea, Taiwan, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are forewarned. Don’t count on the U.S. for help in opposing aggressors.

What should be very concerning, but apparently is not to the Trump administration, is that aggression by the Turks will decimate the buffer that the Kurds have provided against intrusion by the Iranians into Syria beyond their increasingly strong foothold in Iraq.

Perhaps, worst of all, Kurdish resentment at America’s abandonment will quickly turn into hate and the burning desire to avenge this wrong through every available terrorist opportunity. Trump is slitting our own throats.

And, yet, Congressional Republicans do nothing to excise this cancerous growth from the White House.

Steven Pokorny


Reader pens support for candidate Klobuchar

As the first state to vote, Iowa has tremendous responsibility. Having lived in Council Bluffs for 11 years, I know your readers accept the duty very seriously.

The top three candidates in the polls all bring past baggage with them, many qualifications but a long history.

Please look at one of the candidates running for the first time. Sen. Amy Klobuchar reminds me of Harry S. Truman. She knows how to get things done. Take a few seconds to look at her resume. She’s a worker.

Amy knows the problems small towns all across America are facing, including a shortage of doctors and teachers, among so many other things.

She is from a farm state, Minnesota. Agriculture is an essential American business and may be the key to the future of the planet.

Amy can win every state that touches the Mississippi River. That can’t be said about Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

The Democratic nominee for president will be picked long before a small state like Idaho has a say in the matter. You must pick for me.

I know you will base your decision on what is best for America. Thank you.

Keith Ellsworth

Pocatello, Idaho

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