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Harris will fight for the people

Overcoming cancer was one of the hardest things I’ve done in my entire life.

I received my diagnosis seven years ago. Thanks to the wonderful healthcare workers at hospitals right here in Council Bluffs, I’m proud to call myself a cancer survivor today.

It takes every bit of your energy to defeat a disease like this. But too often, people struggling with health issues like I did have to also spend their energy worrying about the cost of healthcare – and that’s just wrong. For too many people, an accident or an illness can all of a sudden put an entire family on thin ice as people are forced to use hard earned savings or worse, go into debt to pay for medical care.

I believe that quality, affordable healthcare is a human right. And so does Senator Kamala Harris.

I’m proud to be supporting her in this election not just because she is a wonderful example of strength, intelligence, and grace, but because I know that as president she will tackle these challenges head on. Her own mother fought cancer like I did, and I know that she will fight for a better healthcare system for all in the name of her mom and for every American who has a similar story of struggling to access good healthcare. She has a proven track record winning in these fights — such as when she won more than $320 million from insurance companies who defrauded Californians. That’s why I trust her to fight for Medicare for All as president, so we can finally remove profit from healthcare and make affordable coverage for every American a reality.

For these and many reasons, I urge you to join me in supporting Senator Harris. Maybe you saw her on the Fourth at her barbecue right here in Council Bluffs, but if not, I hope you get the chance to meet her the next time she’s in town — text “IOWA” to 70785 to be the first to know when she’s back in the area. You’ll get to hear about how she’ll tackle the big issues and fight for the people to create a better America.

Vergarie Sanford, Council Bluffs

The ‘Squad’ or ‘Septic Squad’?

I think it is time for a descriptive word or two be attached to the congressional group designated the “Squad.”

Their continual public overbearing presentation of their dislikes and accusations against the United States is disturbing ,disruptive and not deserved. Their proposals and accusations are meant to alleviate their supposed anti-American grievances.

Each attempt to enter a dialogue with them about the perceived faults is met with the ever present faux indignation and charges of racism. The stepping or walking over President Trump, conservative members of congress, Nancy Pelosi and the general voting public fits the definition of treading which is to subdue or repress as if by trampling, crushing.

The success of this agenda so far have been facilitated by the favorable coverage of their antics. This is despite such things as the question of llhan Omar’s false statements and use of the Omar name to receive American citizenship.

Their messaging has been seen as positive and profound by the liberal left but shallow and superficial by the conservative right. Either way they should now be designated the “Septic Squad.”

Ken Lane, Council Bluffs

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