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Grassley should denounce racism

I urge Senator Grassley to join Senator Ernst in denouncing Trump’s blatantly racist remonstrances of the four female Democratic congressional representatives of color who do, in fact, express political views that many other American citizens also share. It is their right and duty to do so as duly elected representatives in Congress.

Their positions are far from radical, or revolutionary, or communistic (as Senator Graham so foolishly characterizes them). Nothing about their views can be construed as anti-American as Trump would have us believe. If anything, their views are aspirational of an America that could be better than it is.

But Trump’s vitriol is unmistakably directed primarily at who they are, not at what they say. They are non-white women who are vocally critical legislators. They are antithetical to the ideal of a white-nationalist, male-dominated society that Trump espouses each time he proclaims to “Make America Great Again.” Every true American citizen should take offense at the racial and sexist bigotry couched in that proclamation.

Steven Pokorny, Urbandale

A message for voters

Slowly read this quote from Elie Wiesel, a professor, political activist, Nobel laureate and Holocaust survivor: “I swore to never be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

This letter is those who watch with horror the conditions in which children and families are being held at the border and don’t know what to do; those who are appalled that four duly elected Congresswomen, women of color, all American citizens and three born in the United States were told by the President of the United States “to go back where you came from.” Comments such as that would be just cause for the firing of any employee or CEO of a business or corporation. In fact, those comments are illegal under Federal law. Comments like that would result in disciplinary action against any student in the school setting. I’m speaking to those who are aghast that at a rally chants of “Send her back” echoed through a hall of primarily white people. I’m addressing those who are concerned that the rhetoric will ignite and incite violence against the targeted Congresswomen and their families. I’m talking to those don’t know what to do in response. Let me help. This is a call to action. This is a request to remain silent no more. We cannot allow hatred to win. We’re better than this. Call your elected Senators and Congress representatives. The message is simple. “The hate speech has to stop.” Our elected representatives assume their silence is acceptable to the people of Iowa. It is not acceptable. We are better than this; anyway, I believe we are.

For those who identify as Independent voters, I have a simple message: Vote as if your skin is not white; your parents need medical care; your spouse is an immigrant; your son is transgender; your sister is a victim of gun violence; your best friend is a veteran living with PTSD; your brother is gay; your land is on fire; your house is flooded. Vote as if your family depends on it. In fact, it does. We cannot afford to remain silent any more. We cannot afford the luxury of neutrality. We have a responsibility to speak up. If we speak up elected officials may find the courage to speak against injustice.

Pat Shipley, Nodaway

A new world order

I hope you will allow me to exercise my right of “free speech,” while I still have it. Having said that, and if you are still reading, there are many in our present culture who seem to want a “new world order,” similar to the one in China. This new world order is intent on crushing the Judeo-Christian Order that our country and Constitution was founded on. It is against all religion and morality, and an enemy of natural law and human nature as well. It calls good, evil, and evil, good. It supports a new morality, which is actually amorality. It has reduced humans to the level of plants and animals, without minds and hearts — without souls created in the image and likeness of God.

The consequences of this amoral life style have led to disease and death, to unwanted pregnancies, abortion, sexual diseases, the breakdown of family life, divorce, homosexuality, incest, polygamy, suicide, rape, violence, murder; to a complete loss of reverence for life — choosing death over life. This new world order wants us to believe that pregnancy is a disease because it interferes with the choices of human beings. For many the purpose and meaning of life has been replaced by “quality” of life. Life is no longer seen as a “gift,” because that requires a “giver.” The “giver” of life (God) has been removed, and with it, the “gift” has been removed as well.

For me, this is not about freedom of conscience or of religious freedom. It is about the dignity of human life, and our moral responsibility to the Constitution of the United States.

Our Constitution was based on natural moral law at the time of its inception, which was in conformity with Judeo-Christian ethics and morals. We can add to the Constitution, expand it, clarify it, but we cannot change the original contents to say something that is a direct contradiction.

It is not the role of the government, or people, to redefine morality, gender, human rights, or marriage. No one should have the kind of power exercised by politicians, Planned Parenthood, and some of our Justices that have turned our country into more of a dictatorship.

I do hope you will consider what I have said and take another look at where our country has been heading.

Allen Stark, Atlantic

*Editor’s Note: Allen Stark is a freelance writer whose column “Echoes” appears bi-weekly on Sundays in The Daily Nonpareil. The views expressed in this letter are his own and not reflective of any stance by The Daily Nonpareil.

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