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Reader has questions for Grassley, Ernst

Have we any reason to hope that our senators, Grassley and Ernst, will be shocked back into their senses by news that Trump solicited the Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, to work with Attorney General Barr to undermine the credibility of the Mueller investigation?

Trump’s overture can only be understood as an attempt to enhance his reelection chances. First, Trump turned his conspiratorial intentions toward Zelensky; now, we know he also turned them toward Morrison. Which other foreign leaders has Trump approached to conspire to destroy the integrity of our electoral system? Can you say Putin?

And Grassley needs to drop his expensive and phony investigation into yet more e-mails exchanged between State Department officials and employees and former Secretary of State, Clinton. That case was investigated twice and twice closed. If even minuscule national security damage had been done by any of those e-mails, the damage would already have been manifested and additional attention deserved.

Grassley is just wasting tax payers’ money on a bogus hunt for the sole purpose of giving Trump a talking point for his reelection campaign. Since when is it constitutional for senators to use public monies to aid a presidential incumbent’s election chances? Grassley’s ploy is deserving of Senator Ernst’s “Squeal Award.”

Whatever semblance of patriotism that Grassley and Ernst still retain should be used to rid our country of the plague of Trump and his administration.

Steven Pokorny, Urbandale

Venues for candidates forums at issue

I asked the Citizens for Successful Council Bluffs if they would consider having their next candidates chat at the Mall of the Bluffs for which the candidates could view and visit with the public and the tenants on the future or what the impasse is for the near future and what they would to assist this well-known building.

Having sent that to them, I would offer the same to you for your forum and add a couple more sights that are germane to the current times. Second would be use the lunch room at New Visions Shelter. Third, I assume Iowa West has moved into their new headquarters.

Is there a community room in this newly developed area?

My thought would be to attract those who are impacted by issues in the recent times and to get them involved and voting. It could be a new location would help.

Sam Irwin, Council Bluffs

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