Sports Plex mezzanine

A rendering of the mezzanine of the Iowa West Sports Plex.

On Monday, representatives of the Council Bluffs Soccer Club launched the community portion of its capital campaign for the Iowa West Sports Plex.

Organizers hope to raise $250,000 from the southwest Iowa community. Of that total, organizers have already collected $91,600 from area businesses and individuals.

While there has been no shortage of projects to which southwest Iowans have been asked to contribute their hard-earned dollars, we can think of no major area project where community contributions represent so little in proportion to the size of the project itself.

With a total estimated cost of $8.5 million for the 75,000-square-foot indoor turf complex, which will be available to soccer and baseball teams, the community campaign represents less than 3 percent of the total cost.

The Council Bluffs Soccer Club is a growing 501(c)3 organization whose mission is helping youth maximize their potential through a first-class soccer experience with a safe atmosphere for practice and play. By providing opportunity to all players regardless of ability to pay, the club works to shape players of all ages who compete and share the value of commitment to self, team, club and community.

The organization is the result of a merger between the Council Bluffs Youth Soccer Association and the Council Bluffs Futbol Club, competing organizations that came together in 2016 to create a unified infrastructure for the sake of the 2,000-plus athletes they serve. Since the merger, it has become the largest youth soccer organization in Iowa and one that is likely to grow upon completion of the Iowa West Sports Plex.

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Beyond that, the organization has reached out to offer indoor turf facilities to the various youth baseball organizations that serve an estimated 2,000 young players in the area.

This is an opportunity for community and area residents and businesses to have a potentially huge impact on the young people who represent the future of this city and area.

We can think of few opportunities to provide such impact. The community should respond generously and quickly.

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