On Monday, Council Bluffs City Council members voted unanimously to approve Mayor Matt Walsh’s recommendation to name Matt Cox as the city’s newpublic works director.

Cox, who has served as the city engineer for nearly a decade, worked closely with former Public Works Director Greg Reeder throughout his tenure with the city. It was Reeder who nominated Cox as one of the metropolitan area’s 40 under 40 individuals recognized and honored for career accomplishments. The nomination was high praise from a seasoned and successful leader.

Cox was a key player in the effort to fight the 2011 Missouri River flood, the longest duration flood in U.S. history — an event that threatened more than half of the city’s population for 100 days. In the aftermath of the flood, Cox led the effort with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to apply for and receive millions of dollars in public assistance disaster relief.

As city engineer, Cox was also tasked with coordination of city projects with the Iowa Department of Transportation’s $1.5 billion multi-year reconstruction of 18 miles of Interstate 80 in Council Bluffs.

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In recommending Cox for the leadership position, Walsh recommended combining the roles of public works director and city engineer, it is in our opinion, a sensible recommendation that council members felt comfortable with.

Reeder set a high standard in his years as public works director. We think Cox’s experience and qualifications will make for a seamless transition.

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