“I voted” stickers await those filling out ballots for the City Council primary election at the Precinct 11 polling site at Broadway United Methodist Church on Oct. 8.

Yang the right choice for president

Andrew Yang and his humanity first approach to politics is the POTUS we need.

His “Freedom Dividend” is not just basic income, it’s the first time that a candidate is giving back to us our tax money to invest in what we think we or our community needs the most. We’ve heard in the past many well-intentioned candidates promise massive overhauls that sound great (e.g., student loan forgiveness) but we’ve all seen that once the idea grinds through Congress after a grueling two-year process, the result is underwhelming.

POTUS Andrew is simply saying forget all that, I’ll give you your part of a progressive tax to spend month to month on an issue that is really important to you. Imagine one month a tornado rolls through your town and you with your community decide that you will gather the money to help out the elderly repair their homes. The next month when you need money for food or health bills you spend your dividend on that. It is important to note that this doesn’t mean that all issues can be solved this way, but that a part of the tax burden given back to the people to spend as they see fit seems to be a powerful idea.

Prateeque George

Iowa City

Wisconsinite encourages voters to choose Sanders

Hello, Iowa neighbors!

I’m writing from a rural farming community in northwestern Wisconsin to ask you to support Bernie Sanders on Feb. 3. I love rural small-town life and I am deeply concerned about the health of family farms around our nation.

I’ve read Sanders platform for rural America and listened to several of the talks he’s given around Iowa. What I learned makes sense to me and wonder if it will to you.

From his website, berniesanders.com/issues:

“Agriculture today is not working for the majority of Americans. It is not working economically for farmers, it is not working for rural communities, and it is not working for the environment. But it is working for big agribusiness corporations that are extracting our rural resources for profit. For far too long, government farm policies have incentivized a ‘get big or get out’ approach to agriculture. This approach has consolidated the entire food system, reducing farm net income, and driving farmers off the land in droves. As farms disappear, so do the businesses, jobs, and communities they support.”

His goals are to: Level the playing field for farmers and farm workers; empower farmers, foresters and ranchers to address climate change and protect ecosystems and foster investment to revitalize rural communities.

In the YouTube video, “Bernie speaks at Iowa Farmers Union Forum,” he said that his agriculture secretary will come from the ranks of family farmers, not corporate business.

I learned of his bipartisan success in getting things done for his rural constituents in, “The Amendment King: Bernie’s House years.” (YouTube, three minutes)

I hope that, together, we can keep our small communities thriving in the 21st Century.

Susan Brooks

Almena, Wisconsin

A Pennsylvanian’s open letter to Iowa caucus voters

Dear Iowa voters,

“Pennsylvania is Philadelphia on one side and Pittsburgh on the other and Alabama in between” — James Carville.

As Pennsylvania goes, so goes the presidential election, As central Pennsylvania goes, so goes Pennsylvania.

Central Pennsylvania is largely rural, poor, white, conservative and disaffected by unresponsive government. Industry has disappeared. It is technologically behind. Voters are angry. Trump stokes that anger by demonizing others. His disingenuous promises and outright lies provide false hope.

Central Pennsylvanians wants an alternative.

Joe Biden is “blue collar.” He has Pennsylvania coal country roots. He’s trusted, tough and resilient. He’s overcome personal tragedies that would buckle the knees of most.

He reaches out to political opponents, understanding compromise is often necessary to advance new ideas. He appeals to moderates through respectful persuasion and compromise. He never bulldozes or belittles.

Sens. Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders cannot. Their perceived “leftist” policies frighten central Pennsylvanians. They are divisive, incapable of compromise, and alienate moderate Republicans and independents. Their ideas will die in Congress assuring continued stalemate.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg can’t. He uses his billions to avoid the democratic process and impose his view of what is right for others. Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Mayor Pete Buttieig are too liberal.

More than 41 of Joe’s Senate bills are law covering crime and background checks; flag protection; child protection; sex trafficking: HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria prevention; anabolic steroid control; coastal barrier protection; criminal extradition.

As vice president, he championed the Affordable Care Act providing health insurance for pre-existing conditions, covering children under parents’ insurance, and protecting your right to keep your insurance. He was President Barack Obama’s trusted and respected emissary to foreign governments in times of global crisis. He is perhaps the most qualified person to ever run for president.

For over 200 years our citizen-soldiers fought and died to save our democratic republic. We are on the verge of losing it to extremists. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, where serious differences are fired by “prejudices, passions, errors of opinion, local interests, and selfish views,” progress is through studied, pragmatic and goal directed compromise.

Joe Biden is the only democratic candidate who can defeat President Donald Trump, resurrect a functioning congress, and unite us. No other candidate can. It is that simple.

David McNitt

Malvern, Pennsylvania

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