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Question about Ernst’s last campaign slogan

Remember the sophomore senator’s campaign to “make ‘em squeal”?

We actually elected a senator based on that campaign and the legacy of her Iowa family farm and values. Then, in her first year in office she accepted one of the largest amounts of lobbyist money in Washington and conveniently forgot that she was elected to write and vote on legislation.

She did support tax legislation that can only be described as a deficit financed giveaway to the top 5% while conveniently failing to tell her constituents that the bill was temporary and would revert to previous law in four years.

She also supported “net neutrality” which resulted in cable provider rate increases, throttled net speeds and slowed expanding service into our rural communities ... all while insisting it would do none of those things. Don’t forget the greater than 17% increase in national debt in less than 3 years that she never talks about.

Now it’s becoming clearer every day that she quietly supports the Republican agenda to help corporations swallow-up family farms.

Wow, think about that, an Iowa Senator who brags about her farming legacy in order to get elected and then takes millions in lobbyist money and then does nothing as trade wars with our largest agricultural trading partners have caused the lowest grain prices in decades and insured low prices for years to come as foreign buyers quickly entered new long term agreements with new suppliers.

As a result, farmer suicides and bankruptcies sky rocketed to the highest percentiles in our nation and corporations are swallowing up family farms at the fastest rate in history.

This deliberate and silent “corporations first” takeover must end. Fake news? Lying eyes? Look at what they do, not what they say. Hey voters, who is Joni really causing to squeal?

Jon Harper, Council Bluffs

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