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‘It is for the children.’ Really?

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, told ABC News, after the House voted to approve a $4.5 billion measure to send humanitarian relief to the Southern border, “It’s for the children, the children, the children. It’s about lifting them up in a way that takes them beyond what we do today. This is a very strong step for us, a very strong first step for us for the children. It’s very exciting.” Recently, at Tufts University she said “ everything we do has to be about the children and the future.”

I notice she said “and the future” not “ about the children’s future”. I believe she was accurately relaying the thought process of the radicals in the Democratic party. The future mentioned is actually about the future of their party! It is not about the future of the children being use as political props in efforts to portray ICE and the Republicans as purveyors of cruelty and harm.

The Democrat party in New York State cheered and applauded the passing of a bill permitting late term abortions, including after delivery. It does not reflect a party of compassion for children! Exploitation of the immigrant children’s plight is definitely not noble nor acceptable. I am not surprised by the manner used because it is in their DNA. They have used such ploys enough times being shocked would be incredulous.

Ken Lane, Council Bluffs

Americans deserve to know the truth

Senator Joni Ernst is a member of the Senate Armed Services and the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs committees. We must strongly urge her to demand hearings on the recent downing of a U.S. military drone by Iranian forces.

It is imperative to determine on whose side the truth lies: on the side of Iran, our European allies and Russia, or on the side of the Trump administration. Our European allies are highly skeptical of American intelligence reports that the drone was not in Iranian airspace. Iranian military experts place the co-ordinates of the drone clearly within Iranian airspace.

Russian intelligence confirmed that the drone was, indeed, within Iranian airspace when it was downed, adding credibility to our allies’ suspicions about the accuracy and the trustworthiness of pronouncements by the Trump administration.

Trump claims that he reversed his decision to retaliate with military action at the last minute out of a humanitarian concern, saying that such action would kill upwards of more than 100 Iranian citizens and that a mass killing was not proportionate with the Iranian attack. But nothing that this president and his administration pronounce can be taken at face value anymore.

Far more likely, Trump rashly ordered the strike and, then, abruptly reversed his decision when American military intelligence verified that the drone had, in fact, been in Iranian airspace and, subsequently, that senior military officials forcefully told the President that a strike against Iran would prompt an international crisis.

Given Trump’s penchant for making impetuous decisions with bad results and his administration’s ongoing attempts to cover them up or to explain them away, the humane reason that the President cites for restraint is just another in a very long string of lies.

The American people need to know the truth about this dangerous incident.

Steven Pokorny, Urbandale

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