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A tip for our government

If you want to see how to get things done, take a look at the people from western Iowa and eastern Nebraska. This is an example of “of the people, by the people and for the people.” Everyone helping everyone else regardless of party.

Bob Stender, Council Bluffs


Why aren’t Grassley and Ernst defending McCain?

When will our two Iowa senators be joining Senator Isakson in a public chastisement of Mr. Trump for his continual denigration of former Senator John McCain?

I may not have always agreed with some of Mr. McCain’s political positions, but my respect for the man’s integrity, for his compassion, and for his devotion to our democratic republic and its institutions, which had extended well into the realm of extraordinary military heroism, never faltered. The man was a true patriot and an unrivaled statesman.

For a president who is supposed to be the leader of our country and a respectful and responsible commander-in-chief of our military service men and service women, Trump’s repeated attacks against the reputation of this luminary among American citizens and veterans is a deplorable display of childish pique and petty jealousy.

As Senator Isakson emphatically asserts Trump “… deserves a whipping.” And, indeed, he deserves at least as much from Grassley and Ernst.

Steven Pokorny, Urbandale

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Work requirements aren’t about people working, they are about cutting Medicaid

The Iowa Senate advanced a bill that will impose additional work requirements for Iowans receiving Medicaid, and are considering doing the same for people receiving food assistance through SNAP. It would add a whole new layer of bureaucracy — the same kind of red tape these lawmakers usually denounce — to the tune of $17 million over two years.

Work requirements aren’t about putting people to work, they’re about cutting Medicaid, one of our most important social safety nets. Taking away Medicaid and SNAP benefits will not help people find work. Quite the opposite — how can people find adequate work when they don’t have healthcare and nutrition?

The vast majority of beneficiaries who don’t work simply cannot because of health issues, disabilities and caregiving responsibilities.

These are the Iowans who are going to fall through the cracks from this bill.

Lisa Whelan, Des Moines

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