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Green New Deal insanity

The “ Green New Deal” being touted by the Democratic-Socialist AOC is popular in part because of a lack of awareness and understanding of it’s genesis. Many social and media outlets ascribe to this concept and have shown diligence in promoting it.

The inception of such thinking can be traced back to such writings and proclamations in the Communist Manifesto. Complete control and domination of the general populace, by the government, is the ultimate goal.

The use of the word “new” and “green” are used extensively in marketing household products. They invoke a sense of being energy efficient, durable and often having low maintenance requirement, free of ozone depleting chemicals, toxic compounds and don’t produce toxic byproducts.

The proposed and heavily promoted “Green New Deal” is the exact opposite of being non-toxic.

The “new green” is actually the “new red” and should be treated accordingly. It is absolutely toxic!

Ken Lane, Council Bluffs


Delaney belongs on the front page

News? When? From where? Why?

We were all taught in school to evaluate ideas and people in order to more realistically grade their benefit to us as a society or to each of us as an individual. This is becoming increasingly difficult each day because of skewed presentations that face us in electronic media. But I, up to this point, had retained trust in our local written journalism. Sigh...

Recently, I realized that I too am being manhandled by the manipulation of television outlets as well as online and radio sources. I had understood that these media outlets require less regulation and fewer sourcing requirements of the facts than a printed newspaper. However, last week was a new first for what I thought was the REAL news.

Obsolete racist and disgraced Republican Congressman Steve King was featured on the front page, above the fold, of our own Nonpareil. The article repeated for the umpteenth time his irrelevant and insensitive meanderings into the lost hills. This myopic news was quickly passed over by readers in search of stories that actually concern them or matter to their families.

Later (page 3-A), was an article describing someone who actually can and (with any luck) might solve our country’s problems by listening, outlining solutions, implementing moral principles in a bipartisan — dare I say — democratic manner, and utilizing collective ideas to benefit us all.

This gentleman, 2020 presidential candidate John Delaney (a former Congressman from Maryland’s 6th District, the youngest CEO of a NYSE listed company, and businessman awarded by the Obama administration), understands numbers, balance, and compromise — plus he could actually do the job when elected president of our country.

Unlike Steve King, Congressman Delaney’s family history, business acumen, and legislative experience (where he actually got things done in Congress), along with an ability to commit and carry through, make him a quality person. He’s a politician worth writing about and he belongs on the front page — not hidden under the daily forecast.

We all must make decisions of conscience, think through why we wish for ideas and personalities of certain priorities, and challenge the forces that keep kicking us in the gut and giving us anxiety.

Divided, we are in deep trouble as bipartisan solutions are the only way forward. We need to trust our “leaders” because they work for us. This next year is the job interview, let’s hire wisely.

Lorene White-Bliss, Council Bluffs

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