We need Medicare for All

The numbers are shocking. Tens of thousands of Americans die each year from lack of health insurance. And nearly half of American adults under age 65 are either uninsured or underinsured, which means they don’t have insurance that covers what they need at prices they can afford. Our current healthcare system is a mess, because it’s driven by the almighty dollar. We need a system built on care, not profit.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal is introducing a Medicare for All bill in Congress. It’s what we need. Ninety-seven House members have signed on as co-sponsors so far, saying they support the bill. But my congresswoman, Cindy Axne — hasn’t.

I’ve called her, other folks have called her. Rep. Axne need to hear from lots of us — telling her to co-sponsor Rep. Jayapal’s Medicare for All bill. Our lives depend on it!

To learn more about the bill or how to get involved in the fight for healthcare justice, go to www.iowacci.org. It’s up to us — the people — to make it happen!

Lori Nelson, Bayard


Where is our humanity?

Iowa lawmakers are considering several bills that could increase funding for our Department of Human Services (DHS). Sadly, it’s probably not for what you’re thinking, or what’s needed right now in our state.

You see, some lawmakers want to take food and healthcare away from some Iowans. They want to do this by imposing even stricter work and reporting requirements for people on Medicaid or receiving food assistance through the SNAP program.

The cost of this “punishing the poor” proposal? Tens of millions of taxpayer dollars over the next couple years to hire additional DHS staff and tech upgrades to track down non-existent fraud.

Instead of increasing funding to DHS to aggressively police recipients of basic social safety net programs, why don’t we increase their funding to crack down on child abuse, neglect, and starvation so that stories like that of Sabrina Ray or Natalie Finn don’t happen again?

Shari Hawk, Ankeny

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