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Reflections on the Fourth

I woke on the Fourth of July to a favorite holiday of mine, and as I sat sipping my morning coffee, I reflected back over the years of family picnics, baseball games, and fireworks displays, all of which have shaped my many happy memories of this patriotic holiday.

I realized how truly blessed my family and I have been to have lived in a free society and in a nation of wealth. I hope to never lose sight of what this day truly represents — the birth of a free nation. A government by, of, and for the people. A nation that has governed in the spirit of human rights, dignity, and the pursuit of happiness.

Steve Gorman, Council Bluffs

Thoughts about the city council election

The Fourth of July usually is kick off time for local campaigns. This year, it is ever so important since there will be a majority of the City Council positions open. Why is it any different, there is plenty on the plate for conversation?

This to me is apparent due to another major water event, controversial beautification, a possible increase of homeless and needy individuals and families.

I would also suggest an exploration of related economic development needs, vacant developable land, buildings , zoning, look at the incentives packages available and new, and the ever changing comprehensive plan.

Therefore, having said this, I would propose the candidates should support some early town hall meetings without any scripted agendas or biases since later in the campaign some gatherings go behind close doors. Thanks for your consideration.

Sam Irwin, Council Bluffs

President’s behavior is ‘appalling’

I strongly urge our two Iowa senators, who seem to have some sway with Mr. Trump, to advise him to get over being angry that leaked confidential communications by the British ambassador with his British superiors characterized Trump and his administration as incompetent and inept.

Trump’s reprimanding the ambassador and disparaging Mrs. May only make him look petty, childish, immature and pathologically insecure — meaning, Trump pretty much confirms that he behaves the way described by the ambassador.

That Trump says he will not work with the British ambassador is ridiculous and absurd. As president, he must work with the diplomats that foreign governments assign to their embassies in Washington. He needs to stop pretending that he can order other countries around on such matters.

Once again, Trump’s behavior is appalling and it reflects back badly on the Republicans’ unwillingness to keep this crazy man in check.

Steven Pokorny, Urbandale

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