Thank you Lewis Central teachers and staff

This weekend, my youngest child will graduate from Lewis Central High School. It is a bittersweet occasion.

In reflecting on our experience with LCHS, I would like to take the time to thank and praise the amazing staff, faculty, and administration. My kids have had incredible opportunities both academic and extracurricular and have grown tremendously during their time at Lewis Central.

The dedication of the teachers and the staff to the personal development of students and investment in their success is obvious. From working with troubled kids, reaching out during times of tragedy, and encouraging students to dream big, we feel so blessed to have been part of this community.

While politicians wrangle with budgets and standardized tests, teachers are impacting lives each and every day down the street in our public schools. Thank you to all of you. Never doubt that what you do matters. You are changing lives each and every day.

Jennifer Brungardt

Council Bluffs

Praise for tax preparation bill

As a fifth-generation Iowan, tax return preparer, and small business owner with more than 50 employees in the state, I applaud Governor Reynolds for signing House File 590 into law to protect taxpayers.

In my 11 tax seasons, I’ve had far too many taxpayers come to me after using a bad paid tax preparer, trusting that the person offering these services was ethical and properly educated, but who, unfortunately, failed to live up to this expectation.

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It pains me when I see my friends and neighbors burdened with additional taxes or audits because they sought help from an untrained or unscrupulous preparer who they assumed would do them right.

This new law will help address these problems. It allows our state government to know who is filing tax returns by requiring preparers to include their federal ID number on their state return.

The law also requires all preparers to complete 15 hours of continuing education every year. The law will allow the Iowa government to both better identify untrained or unscrupulous preparers while also ensuring that paid preparers are familiar with changes to the tax code. Above all, the law will make sure taxpayers are protected.

I’m encouraged to see this legislation cross the finish line and provide a better way forward for our taxpayers.

Brett Bengford


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