Districting election a bad idea

I see Glenn Hurst is being a sore loser and wants to spend $100,000 to gerrymander the next election to try and win.

And what if he loses again? Spend $500,000 of our money to try and win the next time? This isn’t about We The People. It’s about a narcissistic person who is trying to get into power and squander our money on what he wants.

And if he gets into office, how much more of our money will he squander and how much will he try to tax us on? I am a disabled veteran, living off Social Security and disability, so I can’t afford tax increases. I don’t want a sore loser making laws.

Lenny Scaletta

Council Bluffs

Support for Beto O’Rourke

As a transplanted Iowan now living in Texas I am always proud of the important role Iowans play in presidential elections due to our early caucuses and significant participation.

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Dear Iowans, I am writing to request your support of a charismatic and progressive Texas Democrat for president in 2020, Beto O’Rourke. As you may know, he surprised everyone by his successful fundraising, without PAC or special interest money, by the enthusiasm he generated and by coming close to unseating Sen. Ted Cruz in a supposedly “deep red” state.”

I live in Jefferson County, one of the counties O’Rourke carried. When he visited here, as he visited all 254 counties, people were captivated by his sincerity, intelligence and commitment to principles and actions that will benefit the American people.

Beto is a native and resident of the border city of El Paso, which gives him firsthand experience and understanding that will help him address complicated immigration issues. Beto has articulated thoughtful, detailed positions on a broad range of issues. For example, he supports a single-payer healthcare system, women’s reproductive health, improved Veterans Affairs programs, protection of Social Security, affordable prescription drugs, ending for-profit prisons and discriminatory bail policies, training and apprenticeship programs, rural broadband infrastructure and gun safety measures.

Pamela Saur

Beaumont, Texas

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