‘Thank you’ Council Bluffs Fire Department

I’m writing to share my terrific experience with everyone. A few weeks ago a firefighter came to our P.E.O. meeting. He was a wonderful speaker and explained so much to us about fires.

He talked about the need for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. He reminded us to push the buttons at least twice a year or more.

Needless to say when I got home from the meeting to my 28-year-old condo I found two electronic alarms. I’ve lived in the condo 26 years but had done nothing with them.

I called the firefighters station and they came right away. When they checked the alarms the wiring was so old they couldn’t help me. My daughter Christi ordered three alarms for me and said “Merry Christmas.”

I called the station again and they said they would be here to install at 1 p.m. — which they were! They were very polite and explained how to use them, making sure I understood.

We are truly blessed with remarkable first responders. I can’t say thank you enough.

As they were leaving, thirty minutes after they arrived, I asked if they would be able to attend our Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital holiday buffet. I’m very proud to say I worked there 20 years. Now I volunteer in the first read Jennie Ed Emergency Department and Heartland Oncology.

I hope you’ll look for me and say hello.

I always remember to say thank you to the folks in uniform. I hope you do too. Council Bluffs is very fortunate to be provided with the best.

Eilene M. Lloyd, Council Bluffs

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Are we a democracy or not?

Are we a democracy or not? A recent Associated Press article “GOP leaders weigh protecting Trump from primary challenge” outlined how some GOP state leaders want to forego state primaries and automatically give their state’s delegates to Trump without any vote of their GOP members.

Election voting is a right. However, this right is of little use if the people have no real choice of candidates. That is why primary and general elections are important.

Trump won the 2016 presidential election without getting the majority of election votes. The party bosses selected the Electoral College delegates that put him in office, not the will of the people. Now those bosses want to cancel even the chance for someone to run against Trump in a primary election.

Are we a democracy or not? It is time to debate having open primary elections so every voter can let their voice be heard. The goal is not to win the election, the goal is to select the best leader that the entire country can be proud of and support. Otherwise voting is meaningless.

John Klein, Treynor

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